Best Reasons Why Interior Shutters are the Perfect Option for You

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Interior shutters provide a classic look and add a touch of functional beauty to any room. Their advantages are not only being a statement piece to your home. Shutter installation can offer you several benefits, including the following:

Filter Light in Several Ways

The indoor-style shutters operate through rotating the louvers for adjusting the blinds’ angle. Shutters come in various styles, from double panel, to single panel, and café style, and you get full control on the amount of light you let in, and the direction where it shines. Sunlight filtered downward reduces glare on computer and TV screens, while sunlight filtered upward can cast light in the entire room. Open the shutters to any preferred width to choose the amount of light which comes in. You can select the hinge placement of the shutters to know which way they are going to open so you can allow light in while you enjoy your home’s privacy.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Modern day shutters remain to be a wonderful way of keeping the scorching sun at bay, especially during mid-day. These can also keep controlled air in. These form an extra layer of insulation for windows, preventing comfortable air inside your house from escaping through cracks. During colder nights, the insulation can work to get rid of drafts and keep the warmth inside your house as well. Doors and windows are responsible for as much as 25% of controlled air loss in a home, causing an increase in energy bills. Don’t overwork your AC unit and keep down your utility bills with energy efficient shutters.

Reduce Allergens and Easy to Clean

Cleaning shutters is very easy as you only need to wipe these down on one side, reverse the angle, and wipe the other side. Different from blinds that need scrubbing or even removing from your window, cleaning windows only take a few minutes. Since these are easy to clean and less porous compared to drapes, these don’t collect allergens such as pet hair and dust as readily.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Finally, plantation shutters resemble high end window treatments but these are often more affordable than those designer draperies. These can increase the value of your house through adding energy efficiency and wow factor to every window. The best thing is that they can also look beautiful even from the outside, giving your house a great curb appeal.


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