Everything You Need To Know About First Degree Assault

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Assault or attack on any level is a serious crime. In law, all types of assaults have a punishment defined. However, even law states some assaults and inflicted harms to be worse and serious than others.  In this article however, we are talking about the worst degrees of assault of all – the first degree assault. This is the most extreme scenario and therefore the consequences are very extreme too. Only a professional expert first degree assault attorney can handle the pressure and complexities involved in such a case. The extreme types of assaults that are considered as ‘cardinal sins’ by law and result in lifelong sentence in jail, heavy penalties or even death sentence are called ‘degrees of assault’. If you hear someone talking about a certain degree of assault, you should straight away be able to conclude that the matter is serious.

What Is First Degree Assault?

The one thing that is pretty clear by now is that first degree assault is the worst degree of crime. So what is it exactly? As reported by an expert first degree assault attorney it involves causing physical harm, injury or damage to somebody else. In most cases a deadly weapon or any other form of force is involved. The result of such an attack is mostly fatal injuries or death. To deal with serious assault charges attorney will have to be very professional and calculated in his approach to the case. In absence of expert, the consequences of 1st degree assault are never kind or easy on the person guilt of crime.

What Is 1st Degree Assault Charged As?

In 1st degree assault charges attorney of the accused is facing a legal case that is regarded as a class 3 felony i.e. sin and crime. The only thing that the defendant’s first degree assault attorney can focus on is how serious are the injuries caused or the harm that has been inflicted on the affected participant. This is the only safe card the attorney can play during the court proceedings and the only thing that can lower the extreme consequences of the felony.

Punishment for First Degree Assault Charges

Since this crime is considered as being so extreme, let’s take a look at the punishment that is possible against these charges by the law of developed countries. It is important to remember that it is a class 3 felony and the punishment is determined accordingly.

  • In case of physical injuries, the guilty is subjected to serving sentence in prison.
  • The sentence term in jail is majorly depending on the type, intensity and adversity of the physical injuries.
  • The sentence begins from minimum 2 years and goes up to being 25 years in prison.
  • In case a vehicle is involved in the crime, the guilty will be banned from driving for life.
  • Monetary charges are also applicable in case of injuries and they can be up to 30 thousand US dollars.
  • If the person dies as a result of the attack, this is termed as murder and results in either lifetime imprisonment or death sentence. Visit assault charges attorney.

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