The most common cosmetic dental procedures practiced!

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Cosmetic dental procedures are conducted by the cosmetic dentists falls church who can use a combination of dental works and surgeries to complete the request of the patient. Dental work may encompass simple works like teeth whitening or may be smile reshape. In short, the dentist aims at making your smile healthy and beautiful. Nobody in the world who don’t want to smile big but just because they have decayed tooth, they refrain from smiling whole heartedly. But then, due to the great advancement in the dental field or the field of dentistry, one can smile the way he/she likes. One of the routine dental procedures is teeth whitening.

The teeth whitening procedure

As the name signifies, teeth whitening are all about whitening the teeth and the elimination of cavity marks and stains. The procedure that is carried out at the dentist’s chamber is much different from the store purchased teeth whitening kit or box. The dentist makes use of laser rays to whiten your teeth. Whatever teeth is discolored, the dentist tries to whiten them and removes stains totally. When you have uneven or crooked teeth, you can disguise it with tooth whitening procedure.

What is dental veneer?

Dental veneer is another procedure of cosmetic dentistry. It is also done in the office and may be completed within 1-2 visits. If the whitening procedure did not work for you and the teeth still has stains and marks, it is time to opt for dental veneer. The tooth veneer will be placed on your natural tooth and hence it will get brightened. You can go for porcelain veneer which is long lasting and durable option.

Dental bridging: another kind of cosmetic dentistry

If you have space in your teeth, dental bridge is the great way to fix it. Teeth that are pulled out creates gap in the mouth. The dental bridge can help restore the chewing ability and let you feel that your teeth are natural. It is just like partial denture and brings about instant results.

Among all the various kinds of dental procedures, you need the minimum visits in dental bonding. It can help you to attain a healthy smile within the shortest span. If there are spots on your teeth and gaps in between the teeth, it may get rectified with the dental bonding. Cosmetic dentists northern virginia place thick layer of dental bonding in order to make your teeth free of any sort of defects.

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