Aggressive Divorce Lawyers Reveal What Happens to Your Pets After Divorce

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Everyone loves their pets, and aggressive divorce lawyers are all too aware some states view them as properties to be divided if a divorce happens. However, for most pet owners, they don’t really consider their pets as properties, and they are totally horrified and offended to consider them as such. If you are going through a divorce, how will you protect yourself and your furry children?

Paperwork Does Matter

If your fur babies are all registered, see to it that you check their parents to know the name or names listed as owners. Go through the vet records to ensure that you are also on the list of contacts. Make sure that you also got the numbers of their Microchip ID, copies of current vaccinations, and other important details. If you bought the pets before the marriage, look for the source of funds, copies of purchase contract, and other documentation to prove yourself as the legal owner.

Never Forget the Pertinent Details

If you will go for a shared custody arrangement, take note that you also need to settle the costs of maintaining the pet. This doesn’t just involve grooming and food, mind you. Even though this is not really a very comfortable topic, looking after your pets during their older years is something that must be carefully discussed. At what certain point will the vet bills get too expensive? How are you going to make decisions as to whether you will let them go or have them treated?

Come Up with Parenting Plans

You might want to go for a shared custody arrangement for the pets. Just because pets are characterized by the law as properties doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to do just that. Family law is extremely special and unique wherein the Courts are honoring an enforceable and reasonable agreement, whether it is a technically correct legal resolution or not. If there are human kids involved, keeping your fur babies on a similar schedule usually makes sense.

Show Compassion

You are not the only one who loves your pets, because there’s a big chance that your spouse has also for a close bond with them as well. In same way, your pets are also likely to love your spouse and will miss him or her terribly if they don’t get to see each other ever again. When planning your legal separation agreements or divorce , always consider their best interests, and never be selfish.

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