Drain Clogs and How to Avoid Them?

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Drain clogs are nowadays causing very major problem to the whole sewer system of the house. Small drain clogs often lead to failure of the whole sewer system of the house and the services of sewer and drain cleaning companies could be the only option left for you.

However, your education about this issue is important. So, here are few things that are the main cause of a clogged drain:

  • Cooking Grease.
  • Coffee and tea grounds.
  • Soap and Hair scum

How to Avoid Drain Clogs?

We are fully confident that, above mentioned clogs are also troubling you. But don’t worry, we are just here to make you safer from those. This article will make you able to end the problems of drain clogs with or without the help of drain contractors.

  • Avoid Dumping Cooking Grease

For avoiding Drain clogs due to cooking grease, we suggest you to dedicate a spare cup for adding cooking grease into them. As we all know that it is very difficult to dispose the cooking grease while washing them, but this step will make your work easier. You can dispose that cooking grease from that cup easily after washing of cooking range.

  • Don’t Dispose Coffee Grounds in Dish Washer Tub

Avoid flowing coffee and tea grounds through the dishwasher, it will cause a drain clog leading to full failure of the sewer system of the house. While washing the coffee and tea mugs, dispose those grounds to the trash bag.

  • Stop Hairs and Soap Scum to Reach Drain

Soap scum is the most important factor which causes failure of the drainage system. The hair and soap scum when makes a clog in sewer then the techniques of sewer and drain cleaning don’t work. To avoid soaps and hair scum, we suggest you to use the bath tub stopper which will catch all of the hairs before something messy occurs.

What to Do If Drain Clogs Occur?

After reading the above causes of drain clogs, many people have got an alarming bell in their head. However, don’t take it too seriously, we are here to solve your issues. If you have done any of the messy things described above, then here are few things to do:

  • Ask for Visual Inspection

If you are lucky enough that your main line is still working perfectly, then we want you to remain lucky. You just have to call the drain fixing service to provide visual inspection of the sewer line at your home. It will clear all of the questions that are circulating this time in your head.

  • Get The Services of Bacteria

Looking Silly? Oh wait! We are not simply kidding, but giving solutions to your problem. Bacteria are the biggest source for consumption of organic component that is lying in your drains. There are just so many products in the market like the drain cleaning bacterial products. You can buy either in liquid form or granular.

Adding drain cleaning bacteria won’t put any bad effects on the sewer line, but it will eliminate the organic products. It will be low on your pocket and don’t bother you for contacting drain contractor ny in the future.

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