Healing for restless leg syndrome is possible

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Restless leg syndrome is sometimes known as Willis-Ekbom disease. It is a neurologic disorder involving sensory as well as motor functions. It is recommended to consult a sleep doctor. The important peculiarity of this disorder is the intense urge to keep legs moving while they are at rest. This urge is usually accompanied by disturbing sensations.  The international study center for this syndrome has clearly specified the common symptoms of this disease. They are discussed below.


  • The urge to keep the leg moving, while it is at rest.
  • The symptoms are worse when the person is taking rest or is  physically inactive
  • Symptoms are relieved partially or fully by movement
  • Symptoms are worse at night

The symptoms are felt when the patient feels something is not right in his mind.  But in the present system of medicine only the symptoms are treated and hence the real cause for these symptoms remains unaddressed.

People who suffer from this syndrome are often found to be emotionally distressed, or suffering from anxiety or depression. Heavy smoking, hypertension, unemployment status, arthritis, diabetes, gastroesophageal reflux disease etc are risk factors which can speed up the onset of this disorder. Children who were emotionally disturbed by their parents during childhood days are often more prone to the  restless leg syndrome.. This disease is often accompanied by difficulties like difficulty in falling asleep, excessive daytime fatigue etc.

Clinical trials have shown that the most common side effects of RLS are nausea, extreme drowsiness, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue etc. Some expert doctors at sleep clinic md have reported that they have experienced 100% success by adding magnesium and calcium to the night meals of the patients. Herbs like valerian, skullcap can, passion flower, lemon balm etc help the patients to sleep easily and  help them in relaxing. Some doctors opine that there is evidence to show that low iron levels can be associated with restless leg syndrome.

Some others go on explaining that this syndrome is only a small part of the real picture which is really very large.  They say that nutrient deficiency can be the real reason in many cases. However looking further into the client’s health is very important in understanding the real cause for this disease and decide the correct medicines and treatments for the patient.  Some doctors suggest that survivors of physical, sexual or/and verbal trauma are also probable candidates for the onslaught of this disease.

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