How To Prevent Sewer Problems?

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Sewer problems are always a nasty problem to overcome but thanks to the sewer cleaning services these problems are mostly addressed. Overflows in sewer water result in at least 860 billion gallons of untreated sewage water. Necessary steps should be made to prevent these sewage problems, so you don’t have to deal with the mess by hiring drain cleaning services.

Tips to prevent drain clogging

  1. Using Enzyme Cleaners Monthly

Enzyme cleaners are the most common drain cleaners used by drain cleaning services. The enzyme cleaners are different from the generic chemical cleaners. They are environmental and very good for your drain pipes. Chemical cleaners are made of hard chemicals which can damage your pipes and have an unpleasant smell. Enzyme cleaners are free of them and will provide better results than chemical cleaners. Using an enzyme cleaner in your drain once a month will promise no building up of clogs.

  1. Flushing Things down the Drain

People tend to use their toilets or drains as a wastebasket. This is the major cause of having sewer problems and more reason to call a sewer cleaning service. Grease and oils don’t belong in the drains and shouldn’t be dumped there. There are a few of the thing that you should take care before dumping them down the drain.

  1. Pouring grease down the drain: One of the major concerns as mentioned above also. Grease and oils are the main things that clog. Almost 90% of the clogs are caused by greasy stuff. Oils, no matter if they are healthy or natural foods, shouldn’t go down the drain. There is a little bit of oil in everything. Keep a separate jar for the grease. Most of the time, the oils are usable for another time.
  2. Dumping hygiene products down the toilet: Your toilet should not be used as a dustbin. Toilet papers should be the only thing that goes down with the flush. Toilet clogs are created when facial tissues, baby wipes, diapers, napkins, and other stuff are flushed down.
  3. No excessive waste is thrown into the garbage disposal: No waste in abundance should be thrown into the garbage disposal at the same time. They can get stuck and cause the clog which can be a big problem and only sewer cleaning services can clean up the mess.
  4. Kitchen solid waste: Solid kitchen waste such as food should be thrown into the trash can. They are very big for the drain pipes and can’t go down very easily. A garbage disposal can help as it can shred the pieces into finer forms but still, it doesn’t liquefy materials. Avoid throwing grease and oils even if you have a garbage disposal system.
  5. Chemical solvents: Chemicals such as nail polish, fluids, thinners, chemical drain cleaning solutions, paints, or any other type of solvents shouldn’t go down the drain.
  6. Tree roots

Tree roots often get stuck in the sewer pipes. Tree roots and bushes, if planted near to your sewer pipes, can cause a lot of damage in terms of water. The roots can either clog the pipes, have them damaged by putting some holes in them or they can wrap around the sewer lines causing them to crush which can cause a lot of mess in your yard. If your drain cleaning services have done their job in cleaning your drains and you are still having problems, it is probably because of the tree roots. Have your sewer pipes away and remote from the trees and bushes.

  1. Annual maintenance

Having your sewers and drains checked by sewer cleaning services annually can save you from most of the hassle in regards to the sewage systems. Have your main pipelines be checked thoroughly to free them from all the debris that might cause a serious clog. Different pipes may have different clogging hazards. If you haven’t changed your pipes in many years or living in an old house with clay pipes, have them removed at once because there is a chance that they might be corroded and on the brink of collapsing.

These tips can help you save a good amount of money paid to drain cleaning services manhattan ny and millions of gallons of sewage water being spilled and causing problems.

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