Landscape Projects: What to Expect at Each Stage

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The idea of having a new and improved yard sounds exciting, but the challenge of transforming the initial idea into the glories landscape is a bit overwhelming. You need to find an expert landscape professional to get desired landscape.

Phases of landscape designing

Landscape construction is not a magic. There is a systematic process is followed for landscaping. Every landscaper has his own approach for landscape designing. Landscape designing is done is various phases and your involvement in every phase provide you the desired results. Have a quick glance over various stages of landscaping.

Designing and Planning

In this phase, landscaping professionals first analyze your yard and figure out the apt design for your yard. The landscapers create a rough design (on paper) for further construction. Here your role is to approve or modify the design plan prepared by the landscaper. Landscaper will consider your recommendations and make respective changes to full fill your needs and requirements.

Site Preparation

Actual action is carried out in this phase. Landscape contractor will make your yard ready for landscaping. Now, obstructions like stones, trees and already existing items are removed from yard. If you want you can instruct your contractor to not to remove certain items.

Hardscape Construction

This is the phase when your yard gets adorned. In this phase, landscape professional start building structural elements like renting walls, perimeter walls and terraces. After that various hardscapes like patio, fireplace or fire pit, outdoor kitchens, swimming pool, ponds, driveways etc. are installed in your yard. You can add or remove landscaping elements according to your specifications and budget.

Softscape Installation

After the installation of all hardscape elements, it is the time for softscapes, such as trees, plants, shrubs etc. are installed in your yard. You can give preference to certain plants (if you want).


Installed systems such as lighting, irrigation and swimming pool are tested in your presence. You should check whether systems are working properly or not. Still, if you want some minor changes, landscape contractor will do that for you. Yes, but if you demand any major changes, landscaper may charge extra fees.

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