Quartz Countertops- Just like the Real Thing!

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We all are well aware of the fact that change is inevitable. When it comes to our house too everyone wants to experiment with something new and also keep updating things but within one’s budget and pocket. If we talk of the old and worn out Quartz countertops, it is not feasible for everyone to replace them with new.

Bored with frayed countertops! We have an economical solution for you.

Simply add a Quartz Finishing to your countertops for a new and bright look. Granite undoubtedly is quite expensive these days, and cannot be easily afforded by most of the people. Adding a Faux Finish to your Countertop is extremely lucid, it is similar to a paint job. All that you need for it is easily available at any local paint store or any kind of home improvement outlet.

Since here we are trying to imitate the feel and look of real granite, which consists of primary colored blots, stripes. It is necessary to first decide the background color that you wish to keep and then ponder upon the secondary colors that you will use for your Faux Granite Countertop.

How to accomplish it?

If you decide to do this work on your own then do not forget to first clean the old surface properly. It should be smooth and free from any kind of smears so that the new polish looks bright and spreads over the surface evenly.

If these points are taken into consideration then there are negligible chances of the issues like cracking, peeling or chipping of the paint, post polish.

Start with applying the coat of a primer, after applying a single coat of it allow it to dry up properly and then start with the application of the Faux Finish.

Apply multiple coats of the Faux Finish but don’t forget to let each and every layer dry properly and once over i.e., after the final coat make use of a sealer. The Sealer helps to protect the countertop as it contains many layers of polyurethane paint.

So why waste money on granite, go for the Quartz countertops company in Chantilly, VA for something new and innovative.

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