Questions To Ask A Commercial Drain Cleaning Service Before Hiring

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Commercial drain cleaning is not the same as residential drain cleaning, so you would not have experience in hiring a commercial drain cleaner service. However, you cannot just blindly hire one and give him work as you will want to get to know about his authenticity, expertise, and experience.

Commercial drain cleaning involves the cleaning of commercial based pipes, toilets, and drains. Commercial building is connected to a common sewerage; hence they also specialize in sewer line cleaning. Before hiring a professional commercial drain cleaner you will need to ask him a few questions.

How long have you been in the drain clean cleaning business?

The first question you need to ask is that how long have they been in business. Are they an old and established name or a new company? It is best if you opt for a company that is in the business for a long time as they will know all the techniques and procedures and is more professional from a newcomer.

Are you a licensed company?

You will see advertisements for so many sewer line cleaning companies who9may seem like they rea expert in their field but they may not even have a license. It is best to work with a licensed company so if anything goes wrong you can take the complaint to their company heads.

Are you an insured company?

The next question you need to ask is about insurance policies. If someone gets hurt or something gets damaged during the drain cleaning process, then you will need someone to cover the insurance costs. Commercial drain cleaning is not an easy job and may take months to finish so you will need some form of security.

What does your company specialize in?

You will need to inquire about their work as well, do they offer just drain cleaning or also the installation and cleaning of the toilets. Some companies only offer pipe cleaning and fixtures, so you will need to ask everything about their nature of work beforehand to avoid confusion in the future.

Are your working hours flexible?

The next important question is that whether they have working hours or are they available 24/7. Also what time slot do they prefer working in? if the work is more do they work for late hours on not?

What is your rate for commercial drain cleaning?

Usually, commercial drain cleaning companies are quite expensive and charge a lot. You will need ask them, that whether they have a fixed cost or an hourly cost. Also, do they offer the same rate for all the services or cost differs according to service? do they take extra costs for working at late hours? Another thing you need to inquire is about hidden costs. Some companies tell an estimate cost and then after the work is done they add other cots of estimation and other stuff, so you will need to ask this at the start and set a fixed rate.

These are the questions you should definitely ask before hiring a sewer line cleaning westchester ny service.

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