The Classy Brick Patio Design

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Designing your house is an exciting project to do, as long as you have enough budget to cover the expenses, it nice to have everything in order with the same theme inside and out such as brick patio construction. In the past few years, bricks are commonly used to build houses and some of them are still standing right now, brick have certain characteristics that most people love about it such as its color that never fades, easier to maintain and repair, durable and most specially has different patterns to create.

If you have a space at your home that could be great as a patio, designing it with bricks could be the best thing to do. Some surrounds their patios with flowers and plants, some put tables and chairs to receive guest while there are a few that would install water fountains or wells to make it more attractive and unique.

Brick Patio Patterns

Using bricks can give you a lot of possible design depending on its shape, you can do this on your own if you prefer but hiring a brick patio contractor is advisable. If your patio has a different size or design that you wanted to see, a patio contractor can do them easily with their complete set of tools and expertise.

Most of the common patterns that we see from brick patios are Running Bond, Herringbone and Basket Weave. But what makes it even better is when the construction is done perfectly; some are not placed evenly which causes furniture to be unsteady, which should never be the case. When done by professionals, each brick should be leveled with each other.

Cost of Bricks

Depending on the total number of brick paver that are needed, as well as the labor cost, this would determine the total cost of the patio construction cost. If a brick plays around $2-3 per square foot piece, you still have to consider the amount of other materials that will be used which are cement, sand and others that a constructor may need.

More or less, it would be between $12 to $25 per square foot, while it could be more if you will be using specially designed bricks with a different pattern or shapes. It is also best to ask for some recommendations from family and friends who have done the same with their patios, maybe they know someone who does the job good or is highly recommended.

Brick Patio Maintenance

Maintaining your bricks does not require too much work, although bricks may have some chipping and cracking, the only remedy for that is to replace them with a new brick. To maintain its color and texture, there are some compounds that can be used to do so; this is usually done every 1 or 2 years depending to its exposure or usage.

There are also a lot of designs that you can choose from online if you haven’t decided yet, browsing through them make you decide what fits better your patio, show them to your patio contractor and make sure that he understands what you want so that there would be no problems after the construction is done by the patio contractor.

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