Tips to Remember When Building an Outdoor Brick Barbeque

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Backyard barbeque is definitely one of the best features to add to your backyard or garden. It is very relaxing to gather with your family and friends in the backyard, enjoy lots of barbecue beef and grab a beer while having a good time. Rather than spending your money on purchasing a new barbecue grill, consider building an outdoor brick barbeque.

If you’re planning to build one, there are several tips that can help you make the project much smoother and these are:

Level Ground With Landscaping

Make sure that the area will be level before you get started. With the use of a shovel when leveling out dirt and laying the concrete base will provide you a place that won’t shift much after it is constructed. You should consider going down into the ground 4-6 inches. When you have leveled it properly, add cement and level it again. If you don’t lay down any foundation for your outdoor brick barbeque, it might become unsettled from heat, cold, and water. This may also cause the bricks to crack, which makes the entire grill unstable.

Choose the Right Bricks to Use and Always Be Creative

You may find bricks in different color choices, designs, and sizes, yet the most essential element to your bricks is purchasing good quality ones. Several locations sell the brick made particularly for this kind of project, so consult local brick company for more details on what’s available in your place.

Your Mortar Should Be Fire-Resistant

When selecting your project’s mortar, you would want to pick a mortar that is fire-resistant. This kind of mortar is ideal for the reason that you’ll be dealing with a high temperature while cooking and you won’t want to take some chances of fire getting out of control.

Always Check the Levels

As you construct the bricks into form, use a level so that you can be assured that every side is plumb. Having a side that’s higher or lower than others can cause your project to not look odd, yet it may cause damage later from the tilt or pressure. Check to ensure all sides are level as you add every additional brick row.

If you are not a fan of DIY projects, you can still make your own outdoor brick barbeque with the help of a masonry contractor long island who is experienced and skilled in creating barbecue places.

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