Top Mistakes You Should Not Make In Your Child Custody Case

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When you hire an attorney for divorce, you need to make sure he will be able to help you with the divorce proceedings as well as the child custody. Multiple times more than a divorce, child custody cases are traumatic. Hiring a child custody attorney can surely help you get through the case smoothly and help you avoid making common child custody problems. What are these common problems? Let’s have a look ahead in this article.

Behaving Aggressively in The Courtroom

The worst mistake that you can make in the courtroom during the child custody hearing is to behave badly or too aggressively in the courtroom. As human beings we can lose our temper and behave a little too aggressively in front of the child custody attorney and jury in court. This can make them question our personality and behavior to become a sole full-time guardian of a child.

Being Disrespectful To Your Ex-Partner

The court is very observant of your behavior when you are fighting for the child custody. The subject in question in this case is a child and the main purpose of the battle is to ensure that the child remains in safe hands and the future is secured. For the well-being of the child each and every action of yours will be monitored. If you are disrespectful to your ex-partner this will go against you as you need to put your personal issues and differences aside when it comes to co-parenting your child. Failure to behave properly should make your forget – not only full custody but you will not even be granted visiting rights.

Not Paying Child Support On Regular Basis

The court decides a fixed child support amount that you have to pay to the mother/father who is in full custody of your child for care and maintenance. You cannot miss out on even a single child support payment – it will only drag you to court again.

You Are Not Willing To Communicate

If your ex-partner wants to sit down and talk to you about anything related to the children and you do not show any willingness in this regard – this is not right on your part. You should be willing to communicate with your ex-partner for the sake of the children and that is only how co-parenting can work. Bringing in personal prejudices and putting your ego first rather than the well-being of your child will not work in your favor.

Rushing To Hire An Attorney For Divorce

A very common mistake that people make during child custody battles is that they trust the divorce attorney to bring them justice. What you need to understand is that a divorce attorney is different from a child custody attorney Fairfax. So you need to either hire a professional child custody lawyer or you need to sit down and discuss with your divorce lawyer about the possibilities of child custody.

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