9 Natural Ways To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

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With the onset of summers and extreme heat, you tend to put extra pressure on your ACs thus the need for an air conditioner repair company. Now when all your air conditioners are at the AC repair company, you will need to cool your house naturally in the summers.

Air conditioner maintenance tips

You can apply the natural ways which are listed below to keep your cool during the summer till your ACs are at the air conditioner repair company.

  1. Close the Windows

Most of the heat comes from the open windows during the daytime. You may feel that you are letting fresh air inside your house but you are actually allowing heat to penetrate your house and make it hotter. Close the windows and also draw the curtains or pull the blinds down so there is no chance of heat coming in your home.

  1. Shades or Blackout Curtains

You can also install shades or awnings on the windows to keep the heat out or get blackout curtains installed which will completely stop the sunlight from coming inside your house.

  1. The Direction of The Ceiling Fan

Your ceiling fan has a switch on its lower side which will turn your ceiling fan in a counterclockwise direction. When you will turn on the fan, the speed will be increased and it will help to keep the air below towards the ground thus making the house cooler.

  1. Vents and Exhaust Fans

Turn on the exhaust fans and vents in the kitchen and washrooms after a hot shower or after cooking so that the hot air is circulated outside.

  1. Turn Unnecessary Appliances

Turn off all extra switches and appliances when not in use as all electrical switches emit out heat.

  1. Grill or Cook Outside

When you are cooking the stove releases the most heat thus making the house hotter. So leave the cooking for evening or night and microwave or grill in the daytime or better yet have a bar be que party outside.

  1. Shade Your House

Put some shades around your house or near the windows to keep it naturally cool and protect from sunlight. There are many plants which absorb heat so you can plant those around your house.

  1. Ventilate the Attic or Paint the Rooftop

If the highest part of your house is cool then the whole house will feel cooler. Ventilate your attic properly if you have one, so it stays cool. Also, if you have a roof then get it painted white as it will reflect the sunlight and make the house cooler.

  1. Cross Ventilation

Open all windows in the evening and nighttime as the air is cooler at night. Let the natural cool air come inside your house and open all windows to allow for cross ventilation which will make your house cooler.

AC repair technician

During the time period, your AC is at the AC repair company va, you will get used to the natural ways of cooling your house and when your AC will be back from the air conditioner repair company you will like the natural cooling ways more. If you want to get out of the habit of AC then you should send your AC to any AC repair company and apply these natural ways.

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