Are online reviews really important?

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Due to internet access, the way people shop has totally been transformed. Nowadays, a big number of people shop right from their phone from within the comfort of their home. However, when it comes to online services, you should never blindly purchase anything. Rather, buy only from a professional business that manages positive reviews through any review management software.

In this age of information, there really is no justification to make a blind buying decision. According to 94% of the shoppers, negatives reviews lead them to avoid the business.

So, regardless of what you are buying, there are many benefits that you as a buyer have. First one is that online reviews tell you a lot about a store. Apart from that, the way the store is managing these reviews further tells more about them.

For instance, some stores tend to respond back rudely to negative comments. Such stores or services are not worthy of your time.

However, if you see a store that is responding positively to negative comments and is trying to improve the customer’s experience, such stores are reliable.

Should you care about reviews?

So, should your really care about this? Or is the experience just subjective?

Well, one can certainly argue that every customer is bound to having a unique experience. However, it still does not change the fact that in all likelihood, a store with too many negative reviews is not going to give you a good experience.

However, if there are positive reviews in excess and only a few negative reviews, then perhaps you have some room there.


Typically, stores with a greater number of reviews tend to be more visible. For instance, if you see a store that has a lot of negative reviews, it will stand out from the rest.

You will instantly know that this is the store that you need to avoid in specific. Similarly, if a store has lots of positive reviews, it will stand out too. And you will know that okay, this is the store/service that you can rely on.


Note that brands who are trustworthy tend to have a lot of positive reviews. So, if you are confused about a service or a brand such as a restaurant, let’s say, just take a look at the yelp reviews.

Apart from that, you can also find organic reviews in websites such as Reddit. However, they are not the best source because anybody with an anonymous account can misguide others there.

Rather, we suggest you rely on authentic review websites that hire actual reviewers to write the reviews. While many businesses con customers with fake reviews, it is very easy to spot such sellers.

Expanded conversations

Lastly, you will notice that brands who have a greater number of reviews tend to be mentioned more in conversations on the internet. This is one of the reasons why a big number of customers take such brands seriously too.

In comparison, a brand with negative reviews also become a part of conversations but in a bad way.


So, you as a buyer should always be wary of brands and services that do not have any reviews or if all of their reviews are negative.

Typically, serious businesses tend to manage their reviews with the help of a review management system which allows them to respond to customers easily. Such brands are very serious about their reputation and business, which suggests that they also try hard to provide a better service. So, these are the type of brands/businesses that you should rely on since you are likely to have a better experience with them.


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