Causes Of Back Pain And How To Avoid Them’

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Among men and women, back pain is a widespread problem which generally arises due to many simple everyday activities. If it occurs other than a result of trauma, a fall or a car accident, there are chances that you might not even have to visit a back pain specialist.

A common twisting to lift an object, sleeping in an inappropriate position, bending over to vacuum, carrying shopping bags or even sitting at a computer in the same position for hours can make your backache. However, the prevention isn’t all that difficult. As a back pain doctor may suggest a few adjustments in your daily routine/ body posture and you will be good again.

Causes and Prevention of Back Pain

People of all ages, in some phases of their life, face minor to severe back pains. Most of the time it lasts only for a couple of hours to a few days or weeks, but if it lasts longer, it is better to consult a back pain specialist.

For the protection of your spine and the elimination of backaches, you need to follow very few simple tips. Following these tips will also help you stay healthy in ordinary life.

  1. Proper Posturing

People mostly spending their time on computers, or sitting in the workplace for long hours are more likely to develop back issues. They don’t realize the damage they’re doing to their backs and the pain they could be causing. The constant pain makes them crazy and unable to perform normal activities without any pain.

If not possible at the workplace, if you are at home make sure to have a break for short intervals with stretching exercises to relax and calm your muscles. Moreover, if you practice proper posture while working for long hours, it will help you to keep your spine strong along with retaining the natural curves of your back.

Internationally famed back pain doctors suggest you few basic tips to soothe your back pain;

  1. Sitting Postures

While sitting, maintaining an upright position with the minimum support of your back is the best position to prevent any damage to your spine. Make sure to place your elbows are at right angles and your forearms horizontally on the working surface as well. If you can make your hips and knees in level while putting your feet flat on the ground, it will aim for your good posture.

  1. Standing Postures

While standing, it is much better to balance your whole body weight equally on both legs while making head in the forward direction. In this way, stress is divided and will cause no damage to your spine.

  1. Sleeping

As per back pain specialist, sleeping on firm mattress help and support your buttocks and shoulders meanwhile relaxing your muscles. The straight spine if maintained with a pillow at an appropriate height not to let you fall at a steeper angle also makes you feel comfortable.

  1. Exercise in Daily Routines

Muscles are meant to move and make you work, but when they are put to rest in one position for long hours, they tend to seize their working. Same goes for you vertebral column!

If your body is not in an accurate position, you are hurting your spine, and it will lead to severe consequences. Therefore, it is better to keep your body oxygenated and working through daily exercises. Aerobic exercise is suggested mostly by back pain doctors. They keep your joints moving and in healthy condition for long.

Preferable go for Pilates, swimming, yoga or you can also try walking, jogging or running for specific duration every day. Moreover, while working, take a few minutes break and stretch your body, knee rolls, Bottom to heels pull and back extensions as well. However, make sure that these are meant to reduce your back pain, otherwise consult a back pain doctors Woodbridge, VA  as soon as possible.

  1. Eat Right and Reduce Stress

Last but not least, increase your overall body health, immunity and stamina. Eating the right food (i-e: avoiding junk and fast food) which includes a healthy diet, fresh vegetables and fruits with a balanced amount of proteins and carbohydrates will strengthen your spine. Make sure to be far away from tension and stressing conditions. They are the reason to make you hallow and weak from inside and let you collapse at first strike.

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