Effective tree stump removal

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When removing unwanted or dead trees from your property the last step to complete the process is getting rid of the stump. If you are looking for effective tree stump removal methods, then here are some ways that can help you to get rid of the stump.

Tree stump removal- Methods & Advice

#Method 1: Dig the roots: – Using a shovel dig around the stump to expose the underneath lying roots. Dig around the circumference of the stump and to expose the roots dig around the side of roots as much as possible.

-Advice: – If the roots are really big and deep and it is really hard for you to uncover them then instead of digging deep and ruining the show of your yard. Consider using another tree stump removal method.

#Method 2: Cut the Roots: – You can use the root saw or axe to cut down the roots of stump into pieces. Depending on the size of root you can clear as much root as possible using the root saw or axe.

-Advice: – To cut down the roots using axe is time saving if done properly but it is not recommended as if axe is not aimed properly it can injure the axe man.

#Method 3: Drill Holes: -Using a drilling machine drill a pattern of holes cross the surface of stump and pour the salt solution in those holes. If you are working on a stump with large aerial roots then drill holes on the roots too.

-Advice: – If you want to get rid of stump quickly then you might not like this method, as the salt can take time of about one month to kill the stump.

Best way to get tree stump removed

The above mentioned methods can help you in removing the tree stump from your backyard, however instead of trying all the hectic methods by yourself it is best that you contact a reputed and experienced tree stump removal company. The professionals of such company have knowledge of different types of trees and their root structures, with the help of their knowledge and experience they can remove the stump in a better way than you could.

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