Handmade Rugs and Its Role to Religions in the World

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It isn’t uncommon for individuals to think about Islamic faith when considering the tradition of utilizing rugs in prayer and some religious rituals. Nevertheless, there are some religions that have used handmade rugs as part of their group and individual worship.

Even if numerous rugs in the market of Oriental rugs are not used for religious purposes, they come from people and countries who employ religious themes aside from secular subjects in their construction. From the country of India come rugs with various Hindi designs, from the Muslim countries stem the Islamic motifs and even Christian and Buddhist beliefs are portrayed on the rugs from places in European and Asian nations. With this in mind, here’s a brief history of how every rug has played an important role in numerous cultures:

Rugs in Jewish Religion

Rugs have been used often when the Orthodox Jews bow and kneel on tile or stone floors. Originally, the parishioners used some towels when kneeling, yet such were soon replaced with the handmade rugs because of the comfort and beauty they have. While it isn’t common always among each Jewish sect, the practice of utilizing such rugs is part of what is known prostration where people put their backsides near to the ground as well as lower themselves for a period of prayer. In several synagogues, rugs are used when sitting upon in lieu of benches or chairs though it isn’t the common in the community of Karaite.

Rugs for Islamic Prayer

Islamic faith is the most prolific when it comes to the use of handmade rugs, which are normally pile carpets placed between the ground and those who are worshipping or praying. Other included decorations in Islamic prayer rugs are attributed commonly to their area of origin that may range from village and tribal designs to different kinds denoting a variety of uniqueness and symbolism from a certain family or artist.

Rugs in Christianity

Rugs have not been used in Christianity, but there have been many instances where handmade rugs featured Christian themes. As a matter of fact, early Christian sect called Coptics that originated in Egypt in the first century AD, made such textiles from wool or linen and used them in the religious burial ceremonies with most articles surviving to this day. From Renaissance and Medieval periods have been discovered textiles that feature everything from essential religious figures and made from the same materials used for Oriental rugs.

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