How Do You Go From Full Highlights To Balayage

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Nobody can stop you from getting a balayage look if you have had highlights. No matter the procedure, the latter style is achievable. Since the balayage look is achieved by bleaching hair in streaks or layers, your highlighted hair is perfect for getting all the balayage services.

What Is Balayage?

Before heading into the blog, brace yourself to know what a balayage is. It’s a global trend that imparts all sorts of colors from the subtlest ones to the crazy wacky ones.

The thing different about balayage is that it fades the dye from the middle to the tips without touching the roots. The fading effect is achieved by bleaching using either a cap, foil, or simply a comb.

If you know the basics of bleaching hair, then it’s a good idea to let your hair grow out as much as possible. As a general rule of thumb, allow your hair to grow at least 5-10 cms after your last bleaching season.

Which Color Tone To Choose?

Depending on your skin tone, you are open to two options.

  1. Darker skin tones should choose chocolate roots that can end with a honey tone.
  2. Lighter skin tones should choose honey roots and end with blonde tones.

Besides this, you can choose a high contrast balayage, which means that if you color your roots black, you can choose to have gray or platinum in your hair length which will look mesmerizing. As your hair was previously bleached, it will be easy for your stylist to tone it for balayage.

Finding The Perfect Salon

This is one step you don’t want to miss? Now and then you would have come across horror stories of friends or acquaintances who have suffered badly at the hands of stylists who didn’t do their job well. But many a time, the customers themselves are pretty vague about the look they want.

To avoid such mishaps, research thoroughly. Skim through as many sources as you can and decide well before the time about the look you want.

And remember, the look on your favorite celebrity isn’t something your street corner stylist can pull off for you. They pay a hefty price to achieve the celebrity styles.

Trust your stylist and his suggestions, because he has been in the business and knows what suits you best.

A Consultation Session With The Stylist

Before getting the actual procedure done, ask your stylist for a consultation session. Most professionals consider it a vital part of their job to educate clients on their chosen styles, but if yours skips this step, remind him gently. He will be able to guide you through the entire process.


Before you’re heading in for any chemical treatment, ask your stylist to patch test on a small portion of your hair. Doing so will show whether your hair is in optimum condition for another bleaching venture or not. If not, wait for some time. Give your hair the space that it needs to pick up its lost strength. Provide your hair deep conditioning treatments in the meantime.

Melting The Foil Line

Before dyeing your hair for the base color, the foil lines need to be melted. Since you have hair highlights, there are visible demarcation lines on your head that are a total no-no for balayage. Balayage is a subtle natural-looking hair dyeing technique in which the base color highlights and lowlights blend seamlessly.

For attaining the balayage look, your stylist will firstly dye your hair, light or dark as per your balayage requirements. Secondly, he will apply highlights in sections of your hair that will capture light when exposed to sunlight or light. After that, he will apply lowlights to your portions of your hair beneath the highlights. The technique is achieved in the form of streaks, waves, layers, or skimming. Your hair texture helps in making the final decision.

Root Smudging

Depending on the base color, sometimes your hairstylist will need to smudge the roots to achieve a cohesive look.


This was a rapid roundup of transforming full highlights to balayage. The results are breathtaking and suit people with all skin tones and hair texture. Make sure to choose the right color and balayage salon.

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