How To Reschedule Your Wedding Due To The Pandemic

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COVID-19 has taken a serious toll on all of us lately and things seem to be taking a turn for the worst. Weddings have been postponed until things get back to normal, and if you were one of those people whose wedding was postponed, here’s how you can get your wedding resumed with wedding tent rentals and wedding managers.

Convince your vendors to render you their services on the new date

You will have to book them on a new date because you had to call off your wedding on a previously planned date. Convincing your wedding vendors might not be an easy task for you; they might not agree to be available on the date you have decided — they might try and badger you into changing your date for the sake of their availability, that’s where you need to be cool-headed and try to handle things nicely. You know, you cannot afford to lose your vendors in this crisis-like situation, hiring new vendors might be more toilsome than you think it is.

Try to downsize on your guest-list if it seems convenient

You must be wanting each and every person you know to be a part of your special occasion but you have to make peace with the fact that it is barely possible now. Therefore, it would be much better to mitigate your guest-list and bring it down to your close friends and family. Your clingy colleagues and relatives would be a bit cross with you for not inviting them to your wedding but you have to take that with a pinch of salt.

Rummage around for a new venue that outdoes the previous one

Since things have changed, you cannot allow yourself to put people at risk by seating them close to each other in a relatively small hall; if people are coming to your wedding even in this risky time, it means they care a lot about you and therefore you need to give some love back too. If you are not planning to downsize on your guest-list, try to rent an even more spacious hall where more people can be distantly seated.

Inform your guests about the new date you have mutually agreed on

People who have been invited must not be aware of you rescheduling your wedding, so, you need to let them know about it as soon as possible. They might need to take care of all the safety measures well before the wedding day, and this is why you should enunciate your newly finalized wedding date as soon as possible. Also, if you don’t announce your rescheduled wedding beforehand, you should not expect a lot of guests to come.

Try to make the wedding more of a private event

A big, fat, fancy wedding is always a dream for every person who chooses to get married at least once in a lifetime. And, it can be hard for anyone to compromise on their wedding plans and agree to have a not-so-fancy wedding with a handful of guests, but you need to evaluate whether or not getting married to the love of your life is by far the most important thing for you.

Paying your vendors beforehand is the best thing you can do in a crisis-like situation

Do not try to bargain with your vendors at this point in time, because it can be so difficult to find new ones in this vulnerable time. Try to stick to the vendors you hired earlier and pay them in advance if possible because that is a surefire way to book their availability. Finding trustworthy vendors in this phase is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

Remain flexible throughout

You need to be prepared to make as many compromises as you are required to make. At this point of time, you cannot expect things to go according to your wish. Whether it’s the vendors or the giant wedding venue or the fussy relatives persistent to come or anything else closely related to your wedding, you have to be colossally flexible and not stubborn. Do not get worked up if things do not pan out, be ready to make as many compromises as the situation requires and talk vendors and wedding party rentals Rockland NY into it.

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