How To Tell Difference Between Synthetic Hair And Human Hair Extensions?

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Hair extensions have become a major fashion trend these days. The time when you used to chop off your hair, live with regret for months and wait for it to grow back longer has long gone. Today you can get your hair bob short one week and the next week you will surprise everyone with luscious long hair – all thanks to hair extensions.

What Are Hair Extensions?

These are basically natural hair or synthetic hair. They are similar to wigs but are much different as wigs cover the full head and give a new hairstyle of its own. Hair extensions are totally different. They definitely are artificial hair that can be worn on the head for styling purposes but contrary to wigs, they blend with your natural hair to add volume, length and texture to the hair.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are fundamentally two types of these extensions that are available for you to choose from.

  • Human hair extensions
  • Artificial i.e. Synthetic hair extensions
    In order to decide which, one you want to or should be wearing, you need to acknowledge the difference between both first. Here are some stand-out differences between synthetic and human hair extensions as pointed out by hair experts.

Human Hair Extensions

  • They have a naturally rich and smooth texture.
  • The natural hair extensions blend beautifully with natural hair.
  • They are available in a wide color range and can also be dyed or hair colored treated if wanted.
  • The natural hair extensions are reusable and can be used repeatedly after washing with normal shampoo.
  • They can be styled in whatever way you like. You can use all types of hair styling tools such as straightening iron, curling rods and other styling equipment on these natural extensions.
  • They are long lasting since they are all natural. So you do not have to worry about throwing them away after a single time use.
  • They add a natural shiny hair and give volume and bounce to your hair.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

  • They are not natural looking and appear very plastic-y and artificial in looks
  • These artificial extensions are not made for repeated use.
  • You cannot wash them or style them in any way as they damage when exposed to chemicals or heat.
  • They do not look sleek or shiny and instead have tangles.
  • They add a very rough and un-kept look to the hair that makes it pretty obvious that the hair are synthetic and not natural.
  • You have to settle with the color you find in the market as you will never be able dye them with a color of choice.
Which Ones Do Hair Experts Prefer?

If you want to follow professional advice on which extensions work best and look best with natural hair – the choice is pretty obvious. Hair experts hands down prefer human hair extensions over synthetic as they blend much well with the natural hair and give an easier, natural and normal feel.

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