Neck Pain – Most Common Causes & Treatments To Avail

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Approach a neck pain doctor if the neck pain persists long enough to make your life uncomfortable. Pain in the neck region is very common and can be cured within a brief time span. However, chronic pain can be problematic and may require surgical process to get it eliminated.

Neck pain causes

Neck provides support to the head. Anyone with normal day activities tends to move the head in different motions quite a few times daily. The head weighs no less than 15 pounds. With continuous or frequent head movement, a certain amount of stress is forced on the spine and neck region.

Say for example, a person does typing job for a living. He/she needs to type for long hours a day. When typing, the head remains tilted in a certain angle. Movement becomes restricted. As a result, stiffness to the neck region can be felt. Then, neck pain can also occur due to inappropriate sleeping positions or even sleeping on a very soft, spongy pillow. Other activities include heavy weight lifting, bending, twisting, or even regular day-to-day activities that can cause pain in the neck and spine joints. Pain in the neck joint area can also take place to the older generation. Aging is the root cause for inviting neck problems like degenerative disc diseases like spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis.

Proper neck treatments can help

Physical interventions and medications are common ways to treat neck pain. There are some pain killers available to get rid of the discomforting situation. Acetominiphine, anti-inflammatory drugs, and muscle relaxant sprays or lotions are frequently used to reduce swelling and inflammation. Those who suffer from chronic neck pain should consult a proper neck pain doctor in McLean. A series of tests are most likely to be conducted. Once the actual condition becomes clear, treatments are recommended by the physician. Some of the common physical treatments include massage therapy, TENS treatment, physiotherapy, acupuncture treatment, chiropractic treatment, and heat treatment.Certain types of physical exercises are also recommended on a regular basis.


In addition these treatments, chronic scenarios can lead to surgery. One common surgical process is discectomy. When someone faces severe neck pain for long time and it keeps persisting, this surgical treatment procedure is performed to get rid of the condition. It basically involves removal of the entire or a portion of the disc in neck regions that’s causing the pain. Then, fusion is also performed to provide some kind of permanent stability to spinal column.

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