Party Rentals for Formal Events

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It is a little ironic how arrangement for formal events like inauguration ceremonies and speaker sessions are also arranged by companies falling under the head of ‘party rentals’. But considering how corporate tent rentals, table rentals etc. are all pretty much the same thing that any other party would want for an interim period, it is fair to include it under that heading.

The issue to ponder over here is to identify how these rental companies can arrange a formal evening without making it look too bright and cheesy, because aesthetic appeal is different for a man on business and in a family gathering. This guide is to help you determine how to get your formal event arranged through a standard rental company.

Keep it Simple

A corporate event has no need of fancy lighting or of floors covered in LEDs. The purpose of your event is to signify a landmark in the time your organization has been active, and for that, the outlook of your event does not have to be funky and end up attracting aimless stags.

Similarly, the setting on each table does not need decoration such that it makes your evening look like a bachelors’ party. A simple cloth on a simple table accompanied by a dozen simple chairs is more than enough to give the formal touch your event needs. This not only gives your event the look it should have, but also saves your company from bearing pointless costs.


If it is a formal evening, then your fellow entrepreneurs, corporate workers and/or businessmen will be expecting to end the night on a note of good food, and that is important not to compromise on because formal events also act as display of financial strength of one organization against another. This does not mean that you disregard the aspect mentioned above in this list; it means that you need to be aware of where to invest in.

A cold winter night should have sufficient coffee while a summer night should have the respective fresh juice of the season; this figurative statement should be what you should use when you decide the menu with your caterer.


In a formal event of high society, pleasantries such as live music and rounds of drinks being served do hold a lot of significance because these are two of the few things that actually give an event the formal touch it needs. There are some more specifications that you need to take care of, such as having couches for the guests of the night, having VIP lounges, having a smoking area separately etc. Remember, a formal event usually has a very diverse audience, so it is important to make it a gathering where everyone gets along.

Here it is. So the next time you contact corporate tent rentals, table rentals or caterers for a formal event, be sure to consult this guide so that the setup you have for your big night is one that stays with your attendees for a long time — which can also translate into future business opportunities.

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