Tree Pruning: How and When to Prune Tree Limbs

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There are many reasons why tree pruning is necessary. It could be because the tree limbs are diseased or dead. It could be because they are rubbing or crossing another limb, they grow inward, or they compete with another brand, and one branch must go. Whatever the reason might be, pruning trees is something that must be done with extra care and attention.

3-Step Approach for Cutting Tree Limbs

  1. The first cut must be made about one or two feet out from the trunk. The cut must start on the limb’s underside and go into it third of the way. It is an essential part of this process.
  2. Make the next cut outside the first cut another one or two feet. Make the cut all the way through the tree branch. It is likely that the branch will break away while sawing your way through the limb. Since you already made the first cut closer in and on the underside, the bark is not going to continue tearing down into the trunk. Without the initial cut, when the branch starts breaking away from the limb’s weight, the uncut and attached bark will go with it and tear it from the tree. It will create a big problem, allowing a big open wound and potential entry point for diseases and pests.
  3. The last cut must be at the collar of the branch where it meets the trunk. Search for any flared spot here. Make the last cut for the flair to remain apparent afterwards. When cut properly, the flair will heal and sooner, it will fill in with new scar and bark tissue. You know the tree heals properly when there is a doughnut that forms where you made the last cut.

Pruning is All About Timing

A tree cutting company bethesda md will surely tell you that the perfect time to remove tree limbs and branches is during late fall through the later part of winter. During this time, disease pathogens remain inactive so they will not pose serious risks that can damage your trees. On the other hand, a fresh wound or cut during warmer months could become an easy entry point for pests and diseases. You have to keep in mind that some trees have the tendency of bleeding excessively when cut. It is the sap which oozes out from the fresh wounds. While it may look serious, this will not cause any harm.

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