Tribal Rugs With Best Design And Color Combination

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Tribal rugs are those rugs which were woven by tribal weavers who are monadic. These rugs can be recognized easily as they are different from the floral rugs and the other popular rugs.

Rugs with creativity and unique design

The craft as well as the art of these rugs and carpets are weaved by rural traveling weavers of central Asia. They have ready supply of wool from sheep. In olden days these carpets and rugs were just the skins of animals. Later weaving came in existence and the covers came from the wool. The first carpets matched with the pelts of animals. They were similar to Turkish rugs and were warm too.

These rugs were generally used for covering the beds. Wool was used for tents and in textiles but, these tribes developed the complex technique of knotting the pile. The oldest rug is nearly three thousand years old and was found in a tomb. The weaving style is similar to that of Kazakh and Turkmen. These rugs came from nomadic tribes first.

The creativity of these rugs is so attractive and elegant. The designs of these tribal rugs and color combinations are always inspiring. Few rugs have zoomorphic designs. Few have meanings and names attributed in them. The designs on these rugs are not just symbols; they have the power of conveying meaning. As these weaving were not for commercial purpose, each tribe had different and exclusive designs. The tribe style rugs and their designs are always complex and open to nature. These tribal weavers used to memorize their designs and they never maintained any graphs. Really, the designs and color combinations are consistent and unique.

Collection of rugs at a place

People would love to decorate their house with the best quality rugs which have special and unique designs. They generally find fewer stores where they can get handmade rugs and antique rugs. Rugs nowadays are trendy and classy. Today these rugs are considered as a best decoration for any place as they are antique and rare. The best place for all these rugs can be said a store where the huge collection of these rugs is available. So, search for the Rug store where you will get all the latest as well as antique collection of rugs, so that you can purchase rugs as per your desire and budget.

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