What is hip arthroscopy? Study in detail

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The hip arthroscopy is a type of arthritis of the hip which can be developed due to the loss of the cartilage of the joint and ligaments of the hip. The arthritis may develop due to the changes in the joint fluid which finally creates irritation around the joints. The more inflammation and more fraying are the main reaction of this problem. And most of the people also experience the acute pain which is quite different from the joint pain. This type of pain is something that can make people suffering throughout the night.

If the hip pain does not respond to any non-surgical technique like medication, work out, rest physical therapy, injections, then the physician may suggest the hip arthroscopy. The inflammation, main cause of the hip pain, leads to acute pain, stiffness and swelling.

The Details of hip arthroscopy

To perform hip arthroscopy surgery, the surgeon generally cut a very small area of the hip joint, where they insert a very small but powerful camera, called arthroscopic camera. This is a very small endoscope that allows the surgeon to get a detail image of the problematic area. The image can be viewed by the specialist in the monitor who helps them to take the proper treatment procedure. After that the second incision is made where a small but delicate tools is inserted on that small area. These tools are so much smaller than any surgical equipment, because the work it performs is very delicate. The irrigation fluid is pumped through the tools into the area.

The incision is so much smaller than the conventional surgical procedures, so that the recovery time is really decreased. This procedure is less damaging than the traditional procedure. These benefits make the procedure really effective for the athletes and sports person, who often damage their knees and other joint of the legs. They need quick attention and rapid care, so that they can easily and quickly return to the playing ground.

Risk involve with hip arthroscopy

There is no procedure which is without any risk and the hip arthroscopy surgery is not an exception. One of the normal risks is injury to articular cartilage of the hip. It usually happens due to use of instruments to perform the surgery procedure. Due to hip arthroscopy, sometime joint become tight and very difficult to access. Today, lots of modern instruments are being used by the hip surgeon mclean, so the complication rate is become much lower.


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