Which Is The Best Wood For Kitchen Countertops

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Before searching for countertop installer near me on Google, do research regarding which kind of wood would work best for your kitchen countertop. It is always the one that meets your needs pertaining to cooking and entertainment. A kitchen should be a place where you feel happy while working and countertops play an important role in determining your mood.

All you need to know about kitchen countertop installation

You can also consult your countertop contractor in this regard. But the thing that matters the most is your preference. Here are a few suggestions for your wooden kitchen countertop.

  1. Sapele Mahogany

Sapele Mahogany, a dark brown wood will not only give a classy look to your kitchen but also would be practical for use. It is suitable for surfaces that have more exposure to liquids. It also has a pleasant scent which resembles cedar and would give your kitchen a dreamy ambiance in dim light.

  1. Walnut

It is the most recommended hardwood medium by the countertop contractor. It is shock resistant and sturdy. When you are searching for the countertop installer near me, also search the most used hardwood for countertops. Most of the answers would be walnut medium. It will allow you to use your cleaver and that proves its resilience. It is cherished by the butcher block.

Not only that it is resilient, but it also varies in natural colors. Its colors include pale yellow, warm brown and dramatic gold. You can also choose reclaimed walnut when you are renovating your kitchen.

  1. Maple

If you have a traditional kitchen, maple countertop is best for you. It blends easily in the surroundings and is not show either. Its colors vary from tawny brown to bright amber. If you are looking for a combination of wood for your kitchen countertop, walnut and maple make the nest combo.

  1. Cherry

Cherry is all for the traditional and classic kitchens. Cherry countertop gives a lustrous outlook to the kitchen. If you need a countertop that brightens up the entire kitchen, you should go for cherry hardwood. It gives a traditional, warm ambiance to the room. If you are a hostess more often than not, then it is the best choice to make your guests feel at home. It also makes a good combination with maple.

  1. Reclaimed Hardwood

Reclaimed hardwood is best for restored and rustic kitchens. If you want a historic outlook to your kitchen, go for reclaimed woo. Also, they are suitable if you want a mini kitchen makeover rather than complete renovation. Among the reclaimed hardwood, reclaimed oak, reclaimed pine and reclaimed chestnut are the best choices. All of these are durable, give rusty look to your kitchen, and make it homey.

Hiring kitchen countertop installers

After you have decided which wood you are choosing for your kitchen countertop, Google the countertop contractor rockville and countertop installer near me. Now, your work is done as it would be the contractor’s job to choose a finish depending upon your preferences about using the kitchen. Also, if your countertop is likely to get wet frequently you would need waterproofing finish.

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