5 Signs You Need To Proceed With Hip Replacement Surgery

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Hip replacement surgery sounds scary and it is, but it is also very important to relieve yourself from the pain. Here are some signs that indicate you need hip replacement surgery.

The Pain Affects Your Mood

There is a huge line of demarcation between the pain you can tolerate and excruciating pain which doesn’t let you breathe. If you are experiencing the later kind of pain, that affects your mood, makes you feel helpless and angry all the time, then this is not a good sign. It is suggested that you get a hip replacement surgery done as soon as possible. Living every minute in pain will not help you at all, it will only make you feel helpless and annoyed. So, instead of trying to beat the pain all day, its best that you go with the option of hip replacement surgery.

The Pain Doesn’t Let You Sit

People sit on their hips, and if your hip is injured or out of place, then sitting will become nothing but a nightmare for you. Hip injuries mainly involve the injuring of the ball and socket of the hip, which makes your hips move and feel comfortable. If the ball and socket is injured, then you won’t be able to sit for 30 seconds even. The pain will be too much for you to handle. This is also a sign that you should probably consider hip replacement surgery. It’s better to get over with the surgery than to live with the pain every day. You will feel a million times better once you get the surgery done and you will be able to do all lifestyle activities with ease.

Medicine Doesn’t Work Anymore

There comes a time in a lot of bone injuries that medicine doesn’t work anymore. You do not feel any sort of relief from the pain through medications. This is a big sign that you need hip replacement surgery. Medicine doesn’t work on hip injuries, when the damage done is too much. You need to maneuver the bone and ball and socket surgically to be able to find relief from the pain. There is no other option but to go with the surgery. also, medications for hip surgeries have a lot of side effects, which are very hard to combat, like sleepiness and loss of hunger. This can be a very alarming situation for most people, which is why doctors prescribe hip surgery to be done as soon as possible.

The Pain Makes You Stationary

Some people experience no pain at all when their hip is injured. But most people experience excruciating pain. This pain is so hard to handle that people become scared of walking or doing anything. They become confined to a wheelchair or become stationary. They are afraid of activity or moving, because they feel they will feel pangs of pain if they move an inch from their position. This is not a healthy mindset and it can take a lot of toll on a person’s mental health. So, it is suggested to relieve the person from the pain by performing hip replacement surgery.

You Have Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a medical condition when the ball and socket in your hip doesn’t glide smoothly. The smooth gliding of the ball in the socket is due to the cartilage present on the ball and socket. It acts as a lubricant that helps to move them with ease. If the cartilage wears off or the cartilage begins to damage, there will be a lot of friction when the ball moves in the socket. This will lead to a lot of pain when you move your hips and allow you to become stationary. This condition is known as osteoarthritis. In this condition, the hip becomes extremely painful and you will find it extremely hard to walk as well. The only way to get rid of the pain from osteoarthritis is hip replacement surgery. surgery involves insertion of man-made ball and socket in your hip, which mimics the actual ball and socket movement.

These signs are real indicators that can help you determine whether you need hip replacement surgery or not. However, you should visit an orthopedic hip surgeon McLean to get advice.

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