How to deal with trees infested by termites?

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In case you are a homeowner with a garden, chances are that you would have dealt with termite infestations at some point in time. However, there are many new homeowners who have not experienced such an infestation. Hence, they do not understand the risks of infected trees. In case a tree gets infected or infested with termites, an intelligent homeowner would immediately call tree removal companies to get the tree removed. Otherwise, the infestation would quickly spread across the entire garden, ultimately making its way inside the home.

Once the termites find their way inside the home, they can damage the entire structure of the house from the base. This will mess up all the furniture, and can cost you damages worth thousands of dollars.

All about trees infested with termites

Termite infestation is quite a common problem. In fact, it is much more common that we know. The worst thing about termites is that they spread very quickly, and hence are invasive species. Furthermore, they do not care about your property’s worth. Rather, they will eat up whatever has cellulose in it. Usually, this is found in books, wood, plants, and similar items.

Risks of termites in trees

Well, termites do play a very important role in nature. In some settings, the presence of termites can actually be very beneficial. For instance, termites can quickly consume decaying trees, allowing growth again.

For instance, in the forests, termites play a huge role in the natural cycle. However, problems arise when termites make their way into urban settings. When termites infest trees on the property, they find ways into your garage, house, and other structures that are made of food.

Sometimes, this may also create liability issues with your neighbors, in case the termite infestation begins from your property. In case the termites spread to the nearby area, you may be held liable for not dealing with the problem in time.

Do remember that winged termites can easily find their way across and move inside your house. So just because your trees are several meters away from your home, don’t think that the termites will not eventually spread out.

What are the signs of termite presence in trees?

The biggest sign of the presence of termites in trees are holes. In case there are several small holes inside trees on your property, it means that these trees are infested with termites. In this case, you will also be able to spot small shavings of wood on the site.Subterranean termites tend to thrive just beneath the soil. So, you will not have to check too deep down.

In order to investigate if there are termites there, you can use a spade or a shovel and dig the roots of the trees. If termites are present, you will find them in the form of large winged ants.

Similarly, discarded wings and carcasses of termites around the area are also a telltale sign of infestation. Furthermore, tubes of mud in the area are also a huge sign of termite presence.


In case you have spotted all the warning signs that your trees are infested, you may have to remove the tree. In this regard, your only choice would be to call arborist services Bethesda for investigation and removal. Do note that tree removal is something that you cannot possibly do on your own. For this, you will have to take the help of a trained professional only. Once it is sorted out, you may also have to check for termite signs in the nearby area to make sure that the infestation has not spread already.

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