5 Things To Know When Hiring An Arborist

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Hiring arborists or tree removal services requires asking a couple of questions. Since every arborist differs in the way they work, it is important to know who you are hiring.

Insurance and Certification

The first thing to ask from tree service is their insurance and certification. It is of significant importance that you hire a company that is insured fully. Since, tree removal is dangerous, you need to make sure that the company you have hired carries liability insurance in case there is any damage to the property etc.

The ISA is one amongst certain certifying bodies that keeps arborists updated with the latest knowledge and techniques. A professional arborist will have ISA training which includes everything from safety procedures to taking care of the tree.


Experience plays a huge role for an arborist. If someone owns a company that offers tree related services, it is not necessary that they are going to use best practices. Every day, techniques and procedures are evolving and a good company will always keep itself updated. It is always recommended to ask the arborist regarding their experience about the job you have initially hired them for. Tree removing jobs are normally straightforward unless somebody damages the property or anything in the surrounding.

Even though you will not be able to judge the arborist just by simply looking at him/her, but these questions can serve as a basis for you to just get an idea about the individual and his/her knowledge about the job. For instance, pruning is a highly skilled job, a low skilled arborist might not be able to perform this job properly. They might talk about having experience but it is the skill set that matters.


Reputation along too goes hand in hand. In today’s age where almost everything is present on social media, it is not hard to search for companies and read reviews about their tree removal and tree pruning job. You can ask your neighbors, relatives and friends to give you a tip regarding best arborist and tree related services in your community.

Ask them about whom they trust and would recommend. Even if they have recommended someone, make sure to ask them about their experience and certifications. Make sure that they have the basic skills pertaining to tree services.

Off Season Hiring

If your need of tree removal can wait, then it’s better to use an arborist when it’s off season. Because, off season means less work and that means more discounts and deals.

So, which time is off-season for tree removal? The answer is: much of the winter is off-season. However, if there was a storm in your area, that week won’t be a good time to hire them as they might be busy. A good time is hire them is between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Type of Equipment Used

Type of equipment used along with how they will be using them, says a lot about the skill level of the company as well as the arborist.

Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts are used in a situation, which normally does not require relying on the tree for safety. Such is the case in situations where the tree is not considered structurally safe and poses danger to the climber. Aerial lifts are used in situations where the access to roads is easy. However, it has its own issues as well. For instance, aerial lifts can become tricky to maneuver in some situations. Pruning at the same time can become a bit difficult with bulky equipment as well.

Climbing Arborists

This is the most commonly used method. Climbing arborists do not need heavy equipment when it comes to them climbing up the trees. Since the equipment used in such situations is not that heavy, it does not pose a risk to damaging anything on the property. Pruning on the same hand is also a bit easier via climbing due to the climber getting access to locations that are otherwise not easy to access.

Keeping in mind, the pros and cons as well as the recommendations put forward by people close to you, make sure that both arborist services MaryLand, whomever you are hiring, fulfills the basic criteria of doing a proper job.


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