7 Facebook Marketing Tips To Boost Your Small Business

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Digital marketing has progressed to the point where social media platforms are huge for businesses. Small, medium, and even corporations today use social media platforms like Facebook as tools to expand their customer segment. However, since these are social media platforms, you are dealing with different types of customers. With that being said, if you are someone who plans to market their products and services on Facebook, other than using review management tools, you need to consider some important tips.

Post With Intent

When it comes to Facebook marketing, the size of the business is the most important factor. A small business cannot communicate the same way a corporation communicates with its customers. This means that you cannot throw everything at your target market and expect everyone to see them. Instead, you should first carefully define your particular customer segment and market your content specifically towards them.

Optimize Your Profile Page

The next important tip relates to optimization. Your profile page should be as smooth as possible for users to browse through on their personal computers, mobile phones, or any other electronic device. On average, a potential customer does not spend more than 5 minutes on a particular website searching for helpful information or tabs related to their search.

Optimization in that respect means that you should ensure that the tabs and all other important information are organized and easily accessible. Unfortunately, such minor details are often overlooked. If that is the case, the customer might not return the next time he/she intends to purchase a product.

Establish And Maintain A Community Page

Establishing and maintaining a community page has a lot to offer. Although it takes quite a bit of time and effort to keep up with what is going on, it significantly helps your business capture global customers and that too, free. As a small business, you must develop as many relationships with customers as possible. A community page gathers people and users from across the world to share their experiences and help others during the process. From your side, you get to share updates and news regarding upcoming products and services.

Create A Facebook Group

Apart from establishing a community page, you should also create a Facebook group. Creating a Facebook group allows you to find your target audience and bring them in one place. From the audience’s perspective, you are offering them a platform to communicate. As your group grows, you can start sharing whitepapers or relevant articles.

Keep Adding To Your Facebook Story

Although mostly ignored, your Facebook story can play a huge role in keeping your audience updated. You don’t need to always put up something related to your business. You can share interesting news related to the products and services you are selling or ask fun questions. The key is to keep the audience attentive.

In addition to that, live feeds are also becoming popular, and for a good reason. Going live enables customers to ask direct questions instead of waiting for replies. This makes the customers feel appreciated and close to the brand itself. Taking out the time to hear out and communicate with your audience speaks volumes from a business perspective.

Consider Boosted Posts

Boosted posts using Facebook’s boost post feature has helped many businesses expand their reach. And since the algorithmic changes take place regularly, boosted posts will help you regain the lost traffic. You do not have to spend a huge budget on boosted posts. Just enough to increase the customer traffic and make up for the lost amount. Once the traffic starts to grow, you can spend more money targeting your posts and customers.

Structure Your Pixel Strategically

Facebook pixel collects data related to who is visiting your website and how to retarget your customers later. Additionally, Facebook also features a lookalike feature that enables you to target customers who share the same habits as those visiting your site.

This intelligent targeting will help you in your next marketing campaign. Instead of trying to determine and find out additional customer segments, you can simply target the folks who are more likely to interact with your campaign.

Final Word

Concluding, the above-mentioned Facebook marketing tips are tried and tested for their effectiveness and efficiency. Instead of relying on one or two marketing methods, you should try to explore Facebook to reap the maximum benefits of its marketing features. Plus, use a review management system for managing Facebook reviews and customer feedback on other platforms.

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