Checklist for renting out a crane

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In many construction work sites cranes have become an unavoidable necessity. Most people take cranes on rent from crane companies are not aware of the important things that have to be checked and ascertained before taking a particular crane for your private use. So I am going to furnish some of them in this article.

Important things to check before hiring crane services

  1. When you rent out a crane or entrust your work to somebody make sure that the work is carried out as per the stipulations in the relevant rules prevailing the country, regarding the health and safety precaution to be taken while using a crane or similar appliances.
  2. Ensure that the liability insurance is covered for the crane that is doing the work for you. Make sure that the insurance coverage includes cover for damages caused to the plant, equipment, crane operator, third parties etc. Review the crane contract and make sure what your liabilities are and what are the liabilities of the crane contractor.
  3. Before starting the work make sure that the site has been inspected by authorized officer of the crane company. Also make sure that the all the activities needed for your particular lifting operation has been meticulously planned. Make sure that there is ample space for the crane to move and the load to be moved. Also study matters regarding the stability of the load while it is being lifted and make sure that the activity is properly planned.

Most crane rentals company advertises about the experience and expertise of their operators. It is your duty to check whether they are having the required certification and experience as stipulated by the local governments in this regard.

Benefits of renting a crane

In addition to checking the credentials and other checklists as mentioned above one must make sure that the below mentioned benefits of using a crane is available to you also.

You don’t have to search for operators to carry out the work as the company will provide trained experienced operators for the crane.

All the maintenance activity necessitated while executing your job have to be done by the rental company.

Make sure that the crane contractor is supplying the most suitable crane for your work. Also see that the crane contractor produces the same crane as that one you have ordered for.

Tower crane or hydraulic crane will be covered by crane rental company va warranties. Make sure that these are available before signing the contract.

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