7 items you didn’t know you could rent

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From the bizarre to practical, renting out things instead of buying it can save you a lot of money from the party rental companies.

Things that are available on rent

Tools – Rather than buying expensive tools that one will use it probably once a year or a maximum of half an hour, renting out specialized tool can save a lot of money. And it will free out a lot of space in one’s home or garage.

Bike-sharing – Rent bikes by signing bike-sharing program that can make life easier for commuters. The users can register online and avail a membership card that can be used as swipe card to collect a bike at any location in the town. This way the riders do not have to park their bikes at home or in the office. This concept is quite popular in Europe and is slowly picking up in America. An annual payment will cost one much lesser than buying a new bike and lock.

Electronic gadgets – Want to try the latest iPhone or gadget, but reluctant to sign a contract? Consider renting out first. Many consumers believe that the craze for the latest goods diminishes after they have given it a test drive. There are many rental shops that allow you to rent for a week. How about using the device before buying?

Party supplies – If you do no like partying like The Great Gatsby, then spending hundreds of dollars on silverware, extra tables, etc. might not be worth. Renting for special occasions can prove to be a good bet. Remember, fewer things mean less storage space. Many rental companies are going green by using recycled materials, reducing waste and using hybrid trucks and solar panels.

Hiring a pet – The idea may seem shocking, but there can be situations where it is advisable to check if one is allergic to an animal. There are many who like animals during hiking, but cannot keep pets at home. Certain rental companies give a chance to the customers to spend time with a trained dog for a couple of hours or at regular intervals.

Rent a garden – Do you like gardening, but do not have space for a traditional garden? There are many towns that offer plots in a shared community garden for rent. These rentals usually last for 3 months. It is best for those who are not sure if they want to take up gardening as their hobby, and this way they can save money on supplies.

So, check with your nearest rental company to find out what things they rent out for your next party and get in touch with the best party rental service providers.

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