Best energy efficient heating systems

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Energy usage toward heating is around 30 % in most houses. Replacing your existing electrical heating units by energy efficient heating systems like solar power or geothermal heating systems can save a lot of money in your energy bills.  It may cost you some up-front cost and some labor charges, but this will be adjusted in the next few years’ energy bills and after that the reduction in charges becomes savings for you. In addition to the above benefits you are making a firm step towards eco-friendly home.

Solar hot-air collectors

For many homeowners the solar panels remained cost-prohibitive for a long time.  It may not be possible for everybody to buy solar panels for your entire home heating needs. Hot air-collector using solar power which can be mounted on any wall or roof and even the backyard is another cheaper solution for this problem.  These hot-air-collectors usually consists of insulation panels,  a tempered glass panel and  a metal collector plate contained inside an aluminum frame. A study conducted in the year 2007 has shown that though an initial expense of $4,000 will be needed for installing hot-air-collector, this investment can be recouped within eight years and this will result in additional savings of $500 per year from the ninth year onwards. Mother Earth Newsmagazine has published a plan for making a DIF hot-air-collector within one hour for total cost of $40 only.

Geothermal heat pumps

Geo exchange or geo thermal heat pump is another system that is more costly and does not provide any DIF solutions.  It takes advantage of the temperature in your home at six feet below the ground. In summer the subsurface temperature will be slightly more than the normal temperature of that area. These systems came into existence from the year 1940 onwards. As years pass these systems are becoming less cheap, more technology advanced and reliable.

The best geothermal heat pumps run water through the system. It can be used for the purpose of hot water in the house. The latest model comes with variable compressors and two-speed compressors for providing additional energy savings and comfort. They have much better energy star ratings that helps one to choose energy-efficient and reliable system.

Using energy efficient heating systems of  an hvac company huntington is a great idea especially when you turn to solar powered systems for heating as it not only reduces the average energy uses, it also saves you and your family form problems that may arise from the carbon monoxide coming out when you use conventional heating systems.

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