Best hair color according to face shape

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The visit to hair coloring salon becomes more interesting when you already have a hair coloring plan in your mind. Selecting a random hair color and thinking that it would look good on your face shape is a big gamble to play. There exists few hair coloring laws which can help you select the hair color that will go perfectly with your face shape.

The most flattering hair coloring ideas

  1. Heart shape face: The heart shape face is characterized by the facial features like pronounced forehead, prominent cheek bones and rounded cheeks.

Hair color: Women with heart shape face should try colors which are lighter than the natural color of their hair; this will prevent your face from looking harsh. If you have long hair than the ombré highlights that gets lighter moving towards the tips will look good on you.

  1. Square shape face: The squared face is characterized by a small face with wide jaw and wide forehead.

Hair color: The women with square face shape should avoid dark hair colors as base. The dark shades make the jaw angles look sharper than they actually are. Whilst when it comes to highlighting, select medium tone shades to frame the face.

  1. Oval face shape: The oval face is characterized by smooth jawline accompanied by a narrow forehead and slender cheekbones.

Hair color: The best thing about having an oval shaped face is that you can pull off every haircut and hairstyle like a queen. To add dimension to your slender face you can mix and match high and lowlights together as the base that is covered under the highlight circling the face.

  1. Rectangle face shape: The rectangle face is characterized by a narrow forehead, elongated cheeks and a narrow jawline.

Hair color: Square face shape can easily pull off hair coloring ideas like ombré that begin with darker roots and gets lighter moving towards the tips. For the highlight avoid striped solid highlights. The solid highlights make the rectangle shaped face look more elongated. To ensure that you have beautiful highlights, ask your colorist for soft highlight that are woven together so that they easily diffuse in the hair.

  1. The round face: The round face is evenly circular having a smooth jawline.

Hair color: Dip-dye your hair in dark colors and center party your hair. This will give the illusion that you have a longer face.

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