Can hair transplant fall out?

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Hair has become one of the most attractive parts of human body. Various types of hair styles and hair transplant clinic treatments reiterate the importance of hair in the life of human beings. Unfortunately hair starts falling out by around 40 years of age or earlier. This is experienced in the initial days as thinning of hair and is understood by the receding hair line. Men and women alike are very unhappy about their loss of hair. Once hair loss starts everybody starts worrying and run in panic for finding a solution to this problem as they do not want to have bald heads. People who can spend some money go for affordable hair transplantation methods as it has established itself as a fail proof method.

Types of hair transplants

There are various methods like follicular unit extraction, Follicular unit transfer NeoGraft etc. After considering your problem and after studying your needs and expectations the surgeon will fix a suitable procedure for you. Whatever be the procedure you have been selected for, one thing is sure. The transplanted hair will fall out within 3 days to two weeks of transplantation. One need not get worried or disheartened about this. Because this is not a draw back or caused as a result of the drawbacks of the affordable hair transplantation method you have selected. It is also not due to carelessness or neglect from the part of the hair transplant surgeon or somebody else.

Know about hair transplant surgery

After the initial falling out of the transplanted hair, they will start re-growing. The hair so re-grown will remain as permanent and will function as if it were the original hair previously present on your head. This hair can be combed, washed, periodically cut and different hair styles and hair treatments can also be appliedĀ  on this hair. The re grown hair are growing in the natural way and hence you need not have to worry about the possibility of a further fall out of hairs. One need not worry at all about this type of hair fall which occurs as part of the entire process of affordable hair transplantation.

The candidates who have undergone hair transplant surgeries are advised to take care of some conditions which can result in the complete failure of hair transplant procedures. The premature death of extracted follicles of hair can take place if they are kept exposed to air for some time more than 20 seconds. Such conditions can occur while the extracted grafts are being stored in a physiological solution or while they are transplanted one by one by the surgeon or his aid.

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