Things to Expect When You Request a Painting Estimate

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It is important to remember that painting companies will have their own guidelines when they give a painting estimate. However, there are several general standards that you could expect.

Always keep in mind that the comfort level of the client is the most vital aspect of any appointment process. Being a potential customers, you must always feel that all your thoughts are being heard, queries are answered, and needs are met.

Booking a Painting Quote

Quotes for both commercial and residential jobs can be booked in several ways. The most common ones include via phone, online bookings, and email.

As a potential client, you have to prepare to hear back from the representative of the company shortly following your initial contact. You will also be asked the basic preliminary questions about the job.

Once the work’s scope is understood, you will be marked down for the official walk-through appointment. You should hear from the contractor the day prior to your appointment. It is a twofold courtesy call as a reminder of the appointment time and day, and gives you the chance to reschedule if needed.

On the Appointment Day

You must expect the painting estimator or foreman to arrive according to schedule. You can easily recognize them through their professional attire as they must be wearing their company uniform complete with a name tag. The vehicle of the company will be properly branded as well. The company car must be parked in your driveway for you to see it all the time. The estimators must arrived to the job site in a positive and professional manner, and have with them all tools needed for the appointment.

Explaining the Paint Project

Upon entering the site, the estimator must adhere to certain courtesy rules. They should wear boot covers or remove the shoes before they enter your home to protect the floor’s integrity. It is also the responsibility of the estimator to lead the conversation through active listening. At this point, you can discuss freely with the estimator about your visions and ideas of the job, which should include some concerns if you have any.

The estimator will answer all questions you got thoroughly and provide you further details regarding their company, which could include a business card, email, or a pamphlet. These details will let you get a better overall feel of the company. Usually, there will be details regarding the company’s history, mission statement, frequently asked questions, client reviews, as well as employee biographies provided by the professional painters.

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