Care and Maintenance Tips to Avoid Commercial Ice Maker Repair

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The need for a commercial ice maker repair could be best avoided by taking extra care and observing proper maintenance of your unit. It is not a secret that commercial ice makers are among the appliances in commercial kitchens with the hardest work. It is an essential appliance used in bars and restaurants. That is why this appliance must be properly maintained in order to enjoy a continuous ice supply.

Commercial ice makers repair

Maintaining commercial ice makers can be a very tricky task. You need to train your staff when it comes to maintenance and cleaning tasks related to your ice maker so that your machine will continue running in its full efficiency.

Below are some tips you have to remember to make the most out of your commercial icemaker.

Antimicrobial Protection

To protect the ice maker’s components, some manufacturers integrate antimicrobial protection filters into their unit. It is a water purging system which can prevent the growth of slime and mold inside the ice maker. It is the reason why business owners don’t have to worry about repairs too often. An effective antimicrobial protection is very important as far as ice machines are concerned. Slime and mold will not only affect the taste of the water as these can also pose some health risks. It is a must to clean the ice makers to keep them free from mold, slime, and dust. You must also have a special ice scoop that is meant for the ice inside the machine. It will help you keep the bin free and clean of any residue.

Installation of Water Filter

Water filters are extremely essential to maintain the efficiency and extend the life of your ice maker machine. This filter is the one that reduces the buildup of sediment and minerals from the water inside the ice machine, which then keeps the ice clean and clear. Filters can also get rid of any bad odor and taste from the water, providing ice with better quality. There are manufacturers that offer extended warranties on their ice machines with filter on the water line. These water filters can slow down the scale buildup inside the machine.

Sanitize the Machine

Finally, when it comes to commercial ice maker maintenance Falls Church, you have to ensure that the water filter is changed on a regular basis and you use an anti-microbial agent so that you can increase the machine’s life span and improve its performance. Sanitization is a very essential aspect of maintaining your ice maker. You must empty the ice machine and perform a thorough cleaning every 6 months.

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