Understanding some Mercedes Benz classes

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Mercedes Benz has become the synonym for luxury, in the field of private cars. Although its top position has been captured by new arrivals in the field like BMW. Mercedes Benz is loaded with very great and very ambitious plans for the coming years which were revealed recently during the shows conducted at various mercedes garage. The car giant is planning to introduce 30 new models by the year 2020. Out of the expected 30 new versions some have already been released in the year 2017 showcasing their way of thinking and the new features that can be expected in the yet to be released cars. The company is well known for its classification of cars known as Class. In this article I am going to briefly explain about some common Classes found in the Mercedes Benz categories.

Benz S-Class

The Benz S-Class formerly known by the name Sonderklass which in German language meant “special class” and these cars remained as the coveted possession during those days in the mercedes garage of the owners. This word is abbreviated as S-Class which later became the flagship vehicles of the German company named Daimer AG. This class designation was introduced in the year 1972 and it has remained without any change ever since.  Many of the company innovations like drivertrain technologies, safety systems introduced for the first time like seatbelt pretensioners etc were debuted at S-Class Benz.

S-Class Benz is considered as the world’s largest selling sedan. All S-Class models manufactured in Mexico or exhibited for sale in America are the only cars with long wheelbase. After the official announcement  of the S-C lass in 1972, six versions of cars in S-Class were produced. Old two-door models of S-Class were known as SECS-Class which began to be known as S-Coupe later. This name got changed as CL-Class and again in the year 2014 it was re-designated with the old name S-Class Coupe. In the year 2016, three variants of this category, S-550, Cabriolet, Mercedes AMG S 65 and Mercedes AMG S 63 were released.

Mercedes C-Class

C-Class consists of a line of executive cars manufactured by Daimer AG and introduced in the year 1993 as replacement for 190 (W201) range. C-Class remained the smallest model until the arrival of A-Class in the year 1997.  These cars were produced at the factories located in Bremen and Sindelfingen situated in Germany and many other satellite factories in many other countries. First C-Class Benz rolled off on 1st June, 1993 and second generation started rolling off on 18th July, 2000.

This class of cars is available as four-wheeler drive option from 2002. This generation of C-Class was launched in the year 2007 and the last generation came out in the year 2014. This category of cars were originally available as station wagons and sedans for long time till it was debuted as Sports Coupe in the year 2007 and the last generation came out in the year 2014. The face lifted version came to be known as Mercedes Benz CLC-Class. This car was in production till the year 2011 and afterwards it was replaced by C-Class Coupe in the year 2012 and it became available for sale in the authorized repair shop.

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