Common Shoulder Dislocation Scenarios

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Shoulder dislocations are not rare; in fact, they are extremely common medical scenarios as a result of accidental fall, heavy weight lifting activities, or due to some mishaps. Unstable shoulder would result in severe pain. Shoulder subluxation or dislocation happens due to the sliding out of the ball from the socket joint.

Shoulder injury as a result of extensive weight lifting

Treatment for unstable shoulder basically depends on lot of factors. Injury to the shoulder can be caused due to heavy lifting of weights. A person performing extremely bench press might well injure his shoulder. The feeling would be something like slipping. If injury happens, it would become exceedingly difficult to move the hand properly. As a result, it would become difficult to perform workouts like military presses and bench presses. In fact, it will also take a toll on the other set of activities. An MRI Arthrogram should be done to have a clear view of the situation. In most common scenarios, displacement of ball from the socket would result in tremendous pain in the shoulder area. Also, tearing of the posterior labrum could result in tremendous suffering. Arthroscopic repair method may well be the best treatment solution to avail. Arthroscopic global capsular shift along with repairing of the labrum should be the best surgical process to perform in such scenarios. Labrum repairing needs to be done for both the back and front part of the shoulder in order to get full stability.

Proper treatment is the key

Mistreating the injury is very common. Improper diagnosis could result in making the situation even more complicated. Improper diagnosis is very common in nearly 60% of the scenarios. Therefore, be very careful with the diagnosis and doctor opinions. If required, opt for second or third opinions to figure out the condition. Presently, the introduction of advanced arthroscopic techniques help in offering the best of relief from injuries concerning cartilage, ligament, rotator cuff, nerve, and labrum. It is crucial to get the treatment done for the entire circle while not just getting limited to some specific area of focus. Such a shift to the shoulder dislocation treatment has definitely helped in significant improvement. However, experienced hands are necessary to carry out the surgical process.

Unstable shoulder and dislocation of the joints are common scenarios. With proper diagnosis and treatment, these medical conditions could be cured. However, it is necessary to approach a highly experienced shoulder dislocation doctor to get the proper treatment.

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