5 must do things for feeling better during allergy season

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Nobody has ever said that spring allergies are fun, but you would have never felt that it is that headache. People may think that they are doing everything possible.  An allergist may say that there are simple things that can be done to escape form spring allergies. Let us examine them one by one.

  1. Spring cleaning can make your nasal passages also clean: The existing cobwebs that developed during the winter has to be cleaned using a scrub. This will not only clear the dirt in the corners and hidden places, it will also clean up your air passage. Mold that has gathered in bathrooms and basements are a major source of allergens. So cleaning them will be beneficial in your attempt to safe guard you from spring allergies. Another important thing not to forget is vacuuming the upholstery in your rooms and cleaning your pet beds.
  2. The danger of pollen: Some people think all kinds of wheezing, shortness of birth etc as spring allergy symptoms, whereas in reality they might have been caused as a result of asthma. Studies have shown that two third patients with asthma are allergy patients also. Spring season may make it more difficult for such people. If you find difficulty in getting rid of cough or if you get winded easily, it is better you consult an allergist also even if you are an asthma patient. An allergist will identify the source of asthma and treat your allergies to improve thereby reducing the symptoms.
  3. Cleaning your air: People think that an ionic air filter will clear all the dust particles in the air. With ionization the charge of a particle changes and it sticks to the nearest thing to it, this usually being the wall or a surface. Air flow is not adequate to remove the particles. This makes ionic filter ineffective. The ozone layer produced by ionic filters can create health hazards also. The best thing to do is to use a room air cleaner with rated delivery rates.
  4. Don’t open windows and doors for fresh air: As spring comes many people feel like opening the doors and windows to allow fresh air to enter. But when you open air pollen also enters your room and settles above your carpet, furniture etc. It is better to keep the doors and windows your house as well as car closed during the allergy season.
  5. Don’t go as suggested by Google: You should be diligent and not believe anything and everything that you learn from Google. This true about spring allergy symptoms and allergy shots. A trained allergy specialist will be the right person to suggest what to do and what not to do in connection with spring allergy symptoms. They may also suggest allergy shots also known as immunotherapy, which has been found to be extremely useful in alleviating the suffering causes as a result of spring allergy symptoms.

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