Easy tips on weight loss

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What you have heard about calories is wrong. What you have understood about the need for exercises is wrong.  You will begin to understand that the above statements are right when you read this article. Because in this article I am going to bring up some  not so familiar topics and prompt you to get your over weight reduced by making you eat something which can be considered as fast weight loss diet and motivating  you to get rid of your sedentary life style.

Take a low carb diet

Avoiding sugar and starch is the first thing to be done by anyone who wants to lose weight.       This sort of diet was in existence for the last 150 years and the modern scientific studies have proven it beyond doubt that it is beneficial.  Advantage of this diet is that it helps one to eat less. Starch and sugar tend to increase your hunger.   A study conducted in the year 2012 has proved that people who followed a doctor weight loss program  like low carbon diet are burning 300 Kcal while they sleep or take rest. This is equal to the calories burnt during an exercise of moderate intensity for one hour. So this proves that the smart way for weigh loss is low car diet.

Eat when you feel hunger

Body’s two main sources of energy are carbs and fat.  So you should not reduce both of them drastically at the same time. It will cause starvation and the consequence is huger. Eating natural fat is a solution to this problem. Butter, fatty fish, eggs, coconut oil etc are examples of natural fat.

Eat enough: Eat until you feel satisfied. A low-carb diet prompts fat burning. You will lose weight without hunger. When you are on low carb high fat diet of the doctor weight loss program you are able to satisfy your hunger. Feel free to follow your eating pattern of two or three meals per day. But eat only when you are hungry. If you are not feeling hungry sometimes, don’t eat then just for satisfying the routine.

Eat real food

Don’t get fooled by the marketing techniques of diet companies categorizing some food as special low-carb diets. An effective natural low carb food should contain natural foods like vegetables, eggs, olive oil, nuts etc. Low carb bread marketed by companies is not really low carb. Low carb chocolate contain a lot of sugar. For these reasons it is better to avoid that food from your low carb diet.

Avoid fruits

This may seem like a controversial matter as fruits are often considered nutritious and good for weight loss. Fruits contain sugar by almost 10 % by weight.  Five servings per day can be considered as equal to the sugar in 200 ml of beverage. Sugar from fruits shuts down fat burning. This will increase your hunger and reduce weight loss. Fruits can be taken once in awhile as a treat, not more than that.

Weight gain is a slow process which takes years to become obese. So there is no justice in hoping to lose them all of a sudden. Try some best dietitian and stick on it for long time or till the desired results are achieved.

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