Weight loss supplements that do really work

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Perhaps many people like you, are looking for the best weight loss supplement in order to escape the rigors of diet control and exercise to shed the flab. Everybody is not the athletic type, to survive on minimal food and drink for several weeks. Tensions build up and patience wears out when you want to rush the weight loss job. In most cases, whatever weight is lost within a few weeks will get back into the body within a few months since the exercise and the diet are hard to maintain.

In comparison, several supplements are making big money across markets and research indicates that they do work. Traditional and scientific knowledge combines with ample research carried out on humans and animals that convince of their veracity. So, get ready to experiment successfully with drugs or natural medications.

How do such supplements work?

  • Encouraging more fat burning, resulting in fewer calories
  • Suppressing appetite so that the intake of food is reduced
  • Absorption of fat is restricted and thus less calories are taken in

Garcinia Cambogia

With the unrivalled popularity after getting global publicity on the Dr. Oz television show in 2012, this little green fruit has been intensely adopted the world over. What is the secret ingredient? Hydroxycitic acid (HCA) in the skin has been shown in animal research to increase serotonin, and thus food cravings are controlled. HCA also restricts an enzyme that produces fat. In 2011, studies of Garcinia Cambogia revealed that weight loss of about a kilogram occurred after a few weeks. No side effects are reported except mild gastric problems. If you wish to go with the majority, Garcinia Cambogia is the sensational route!


The second natural fiber derivative comes from the elephant yam called konjac. The fiber becomes a gel after absorbing water and brings on a feeling of fullness. As a result, you eat less. Quite simple, really studies on humans indicate that you could lose 4 kilograms across 5 weeks, but you need to eat a healthy diet. Glucomannan has other positive benefits too, like controlling blood sugar and triglycerides besides cholesterol. Be informed of flatulence and interference with some oral medications if taken together.

Green Tea Extract

The antioxidant EGCG among active supplements for weight loss helps the burning of fat, resulting in loss of fat, as revealed in several studies. It increases the impact of norepinephrine that facilitates the burning. Free from side effects, the green tea extract does contain a little caffeine. Belly fat would particularly be targeted.

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