Hair texture types, tips and value of hair extensions

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Hair density and texture are two important things that must be considered before deciding your hair extension and hair style suitable to your face shape. These dictate the hair length and also the hairstyle that is crucial as you consider hair extensions to add volume or length or both. There are rules to ensure perfect haircut. Here are some of the details.


Hair Textures Types


The basic hair texture types are coarse or frizzy, curly, wavy, fine and straight hair. Generally, most have the combination of two such as wavy hair becomes frizz or fine, straight hair.


Experienced hair salons hair stylist or a celebrity hair stylist firstly checks the hair and its moves. Knowing the hair texture is very important even to buy hair extensions. Generally, natural dark hair is thicker in comparison to blonde hair. A section of hair is grabbed on the back at the top to see the way it falls.




  • Curly Hair Tips: Curly hair looks better when they are long. If you consider short haircut with curly hair means it will have too much volume. If you are a modern, independent woman and also love the hipster style a bit, you can go for short curly style. It will look flattering. Remember, even frizzy hair can be made softer with hot oil weekly treatments and regular shampoo with conditioning.
  • Fine Hair Tips: Fine hair looks cute when long, but dictates when shorter. When it is long it looks dull and lifeless. In fact, the shoulder length locks looks admirable. However, long length suits square and long faces.
  • Bangs Tips: Bangs look fine on women with curly and frizzy hair, yet they try visiting hair straightening salons to get them straight.


Hair Accessories


A paddle brush is required for Brazilian blowout, besides an ionic blow-dryer, and a hair brush in round shape are perfect for women having straight, wavy and coarse hair  type and wish to keep it frizz-free.


Love That You Have


Women looking in the mirror hate their hair texture. This fills negative energy. Instead of this, start loving that you have. Love its length, shine and thickness, focus on it. However, if you wish to add length or volume, there are always hair extensions readily available. However, ensure to buy human hair extensions. You can create hairstyles that are awesome and complement your features. You can also consult your beautician for hair color and highlights rockville md.


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