What To Do Before Getting Balayage?

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Even after getting hair done from the renowned hair salons specializing in color, women keep on ranting about the undesired results they got. So, in order to stay away from such stress and sadness, make sure you know and do the following things before getting your balayage done;

Choose a Salon

If you are getting your balayage done for the first time then searching for the best hair salons should be your priority as you cannot afford to spend a good amount of money without getting the desired results. Search for the best hair salons specializing in colors and also check their customer reviews in order to get to know about their service. Moreover, you can also search for the Brazilian blowout salons as they are specialists in giving your hair the smooth and shiny look.

Find the Right Hair Stylist

Going to a random hair stylist to get your balayage done especially when it is your first time is possibly the worst thing you could do to yourself. Ask your friends or family members who got their balayage done with the desired results. Ask for recommendations and reviews so that you don’t get disappointed or disheartened later.

Get a Haircut Beforehand

If you style your hair using heat or bleach or dye them then they might be damaged and have split ends. If you are looking forward to getting an absolutely fabulous balayage look then it is recommended to get a fresh hair cut before getting the hair dye. Doing so would remove all the dead hair and split ends and make your balayage look smoother, shinier and more gorgeous.

Bring the Pictures Along

Explaining what color you want exactly to your stylist is a bit difficult. Sometimes the blonde shade you want might be a bit darker or lighter in your stylist’s list. To make that easier for yourself and for the stylist as well, bring along 3-5 pictures of your desired balayage shade to explain that perfectly to your stylist. And if you don’t have any pictures and are thinking to decide the color on the spot then do tell your stylist in the Brazilian blowout salon to show you their color range and ask them that which shade would suit you the best.

Decide the Style That You Want

Don’t just go and sit on the salon’s chair randomly and let the stylist do whatever they want. Do your research on the different styles of hair dye such as; ombre, full highlights, partial highlights, non-foil balayage or foil balayage. Pick up one from any of them that you think might look the best on you. Bringing pictures of the style you want would be a plus point.

Know Clearly What You Do Not Want

Figuring out what you do not want is far more important than knowing what you want. You can afford a slight change in your desired style and shade, but you would never tolerate getting the style or shade which you never ever wanted. You can stay away from getting a trauma later by explaining clearly to your hair stylist about the styles you cannot tolerate at any cost.

Start Slow and Easy

If you are getting balayage done for the first time in your life then you are recommended not to take full highlights. Start off simple and slow as it would help you in determining whether the shade suits you or not. For the first time you can ask your hair stylist to dye the hair from your chin length, for the second time you could move up to the nose and for the third you could move a little up. This would prevent you from getting a sudden and dramatic change and could easily be overcome if you don’t like it in the first try.

Hair Treatment

Treat your hair perfectly before getting your balayage done so you could slay the new look flawlessly. You can get the best hair treatments from the Hair color salons Rockville MD nearby a couple of days before your balayage appointment.

These are the top things to do and keep in mind before you head to a hair salon specializing in color to get your new look.

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