How to customize your swimming pool?

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To create customizations in your swimming pool, your only option is to hire an expert. For instance, good swimming pool builders around your area can help you. This way, you can add various customizations and turn your pool into an outdoor retreat for your friends and family.

Different customizations for your swimming pool

In this article, we put together some of the most valuable ideas regarding pool customization. These ideas will not only increase the functionality of your pool but can also add value to your house. After all, swimming pools are considered as an asset too and can help you sell your house faster (if you have the plans).

Add a spa

Who does not like to spend some comfortable time in a spa? Adding a spa can increase the value of your swimming pool and can make it very enjoyable. Furthermore, you do not always have to place the spa within the pool itself. Instead, you can keep it separate from the pool and create a bar just alongside it.

The bar with a spa will allow you to enjoy snacks and drinks in your pool, without having to leave it. Typically, the bar is also made with a stone, so your pool contractors can manage that if they have knowledge of other types of masonry.

Overall, a spa or a hot tub can significantly improve the structure of your pool while also offering you many health benefits.

Install swim-up bars

Another idea would be to install swim-up bars alongside your pool. These bars are very suitable for swimming pools, as they have plenty of space and can make it easy for you to host drinks. Along with that, you can also install some chairs with a cover on top.

Add a water slide

Another feature that you might want to add is a water slide. This is an amazing and cheap option, which is perfect if you have kids in your house. Even adults during pool parties can enjoy water slides. So, it simply adds another activity that you might want to do while you are spending time in your pool.

Add a volleyball net

Do you like water sports? Well, even if you are not a big fan of water sports, adding a volleyball net can add a lot of value. Of course, it should be removable. This gives you another activity to do in the swimming pool with your friends or relatives during pool parties. Furthermore, water sports can also contribute to a healthier lifestyle, as it will encourage you and your family to spend more time in the pool. By spending more time outdoors, your health will also stay in top shape.

Other customizations

Of course, these are not the only customizations that you can do. In fact, if you reach out to a good masonry or pool contractor, you can find out many other ideas that will be equally beneficial. Contacting professionals is a great idea because it allows you to have a new perspective about things.


Swimming pools are an integral part of a house. Once you have built a swimming pool, you might want to enhance its functionality by adding customizations. Though, most house owners are hesitant because they think that it will poke a hole in their wallets.

Customizations in swimming pools do not always have to be expensive. Simple ideas like a water slide and volleyball nets work like a charm. But you always have the option to add spas that carry unmatched value. For that, you will have to talk to your pool contractors Long Island and get a quote.

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