How Much Does It Cost To Install An In-Ground Swimming Pool?

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Installing a swimming pool on your premises is not possible without the assistance of a pool masonry contractor. But of course this is not true for all pool types. The above-ground pools are easier to build and cheaper in cost. In-ground swimming pools take a lot of consideration, financial investment as well as professional help from a pool design contractor to get done with.

Types of Swimming Pools

There are basically two basic divisions of pool types; above ground and in-ground. The above ground is mostly portable and cheaper in cost. The in-door swimming pools is definitely another story. They require a lot of work and effort by a professional pool masonry contractor as these types of pools are built inside the ground and are fixed in place. The amount of work that is required on an in-ground pool by a pool design contractor is definitely a lot more and therefore, the cost of installation of in-ground swimming pools is higher as well.

Cost Breakdown of In-Ground Pools

As it is already made clear above in the article, swimming pools that are built and installed inside the ground cost more than as the effort and work required on them is much more. Moreover, the in-ground pools tend to cover a very large surface area which automatically increases the

  • Amounts of materials that are used
  • Labor effort
  • Time required for the complete process

These basic factors lead to the cost of in-ground pools being higher. With that being said, let’s breakdown the cost of these specific type of pools based on their further sub-categories as well as other factors.

Types of In-Ground Pools And Cost

There are further several sub-types of in-ground swimming pools and all come with varying cost estimates.

  1. Vinyl

The cheapest amongst all other types of in-ground pools is the vinyl pool. The average cost that comes on its installation is around 26 thousand US dollars.

  1. Fiberglass

Next in line are the fiberglass pools. These are the moderate swimming pools that lie somewhere on the mid-lines. They cost around 30 thousand dollars on a rough estimate.

  1. Concrete And Gunite

The most expensive of all sub-categories is the concrete and gunite pools. These pools cost can cost anywhere from 28 thousand to 50 thousand dollars for only installation. The miscellaneous expenses are of course not included in this average estimate.

Other Factors

There are many other factors that contribute to the overall estimate of the in-ground pool that is being installed on a certain premise. Below is a brief overview of them on basis of what expert pool design contractor specify them to be.

  • The surface area affects the overall cost estimate. Larger the space that is required to cover will cost more.
  • The accessories that are chosen to be installed alongside the pool keep on adding to the overall expense. This is a highly subjective choice of the users.
  • Chemicals that are used inside the pool water have a direct impact on the human health. The cost of the type and amount of chemical you choose to use is not a one-time but a persistent expense.

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