How to drape a wedding tent?

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Arranging a wedding reception in a hall is much easier than arranging the same in a tent in a picturesque atmosphere as one has to pay attention to so many things like decorating the tent, arranging dance floors, making enough seating arrangements, providing proper linen and other decoration works etc. in this article, I am going to explain some easy and convenient methods to drape a wedding tent so that it looks very attractive and suitable to the mood and temperament of the function.  It is better to hire professionals from a wedding rental company who have expertise and experience in this matter when you are organizing a wedding reception event. If you do not have budget for this, you can plan to spruce up your reception in the tent with the help of do it yourself activities in draping the wedding tent and other activities.

All you need to know about wedding rentals

Start the DIY activity by drawing a plan of the room or hall you want to drape. Select a color scheme suitable for the occasion, take measurements and start your work immediately.

Most often wedding events do not give much importance to draping of the ceiling. It will be good if you can incorporate a novel theme of draping the ceiling and surprise your guests with its magical and elegant drapes hanging from ceiling.

Types of draping of halls

It is always better to start the hanging of drapes from the center of the hall. If there is any particular area like the head table to be accentuated then by party rentals services do so by hanging the drapes directly behind the table. You can hang five to ten in a row and tie them at the bottom with a beautiful bow. Starting from the four corners of the hall and draping fabrics towards the chandelier situated in the center portion of the hall will be another beautiful option.

Benefits of fabric draping

  • It adds elegance and glamour to a hall
  • It transforms the venue’s atmosphere
  • It helps in enhancing the theme of the hall
  • It masks unsightly elements present in the ceiling


Swagged:  Gathering the fabric at its ends and allowing the rest to fall a deep swag is another method followed by wedding rental company  to give a luxurious feel.

Flat: This style is achieved by spreading the fabric either length-wise or width-wise and creating a canopy effect.  This creates a great surface suitable for projecting lighting effects in multi-color.

Modern: This is a new method in which draping is carried out by party rentals dc services   to create more dynamic space by stretching the spandex into different shapes. In this method draping is not limited to ceiling alone, it is sometimes extended to cover the walls also.

Important things to consider in draping

  1. Consider the height of the ceiling
  2. Consider the look and feel of the hall
  3. Consider whether the ceiling is flat or not
  4. Consider the decorations that are hanging now on the ceiling
  5. Consider how the appearance of the venue is improved by the draping

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