Is Linen Hire Right for Your Party?

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Most hospitality businesses and hotels do not own their own table linens rentals and towels; they hire it from companies and specialists who operate a tied-in laundering service. Not just is linen hired used for table linen; bedroom linen can be also hired for the restaurant.

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Linen hire firms should be capable of providing commercial guide linen products across a range of linen items. Any best linen hire company will provide a range of linen goods such splain satin strip or duvet covers; 400gms towels or 500gsm towels; percale or regular cotton bed linen. The key items accessible from a laundry hire company are a pillowcase, duvet covers, bed sheets, tablecloths, bath mats, towels, pillowcases, napkins, and tablecloths.

The way the linen hire service generally jobs is that several sets of linen per bed are agreed and provided to the hotel. The number of the set is generally known as “par”. The pair can vary based on a number of times a bed is likely to be replaced a week but typically is set between three and five. The laundry company will get the bad linen and redeliver the laundered items collected at the previous delivery. The delivery frequency will also vary from hotel to hotel but is generally also based on the activity levels of that particular hotel. The par and delivery frequency job together to make sure the hotel never run out of stock.

The benefits of linen hire are:

  • Reject tying up cash invested in linen
  • Cost effect service
  • The linen will be replaced when it is worn out at no cost to you
  • Make sure your linen is commercial grade and of a top standard.

So, is line hire right for your hospitality business? It truly comes down to your round levels of activity. If your business is truly seasonal with a long low season then linen hire could be a costly choice. In this case, you probably are better purchasing the linen and negotiating a truly keen price for laundry only. Remember, the laundry company will not have an investment in linen.

Read the terms and conditions of the service perfectly to ensure there are no secret charges. Talk with the firm how they operate and know what level of party tent rental nyc and delivery frequency you can expect. Bear in mind, the more lines you take on the higher the lowest usage level will be.

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