Most Popular Pool designs

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A swimming pool masonry contractor help you in designing and making pool in backyard of your house. Pool is the part of your home that proves to be an add-on for the beauty of your home. A swimming pool in-house allows you to enjoy the perks of swimming without going to the beach or some other public place. Swimming has many health benefits as it keeps your body healthy and fit by making aerobic and cardio muscles strong. Moreover, having a pool within the boundary of your house provides your family with unlimited enjoyment. A pool adds to the overall value of your property then why not make a pool in your house?

Swimming pool design ideas

There are many swimming pool designs that a pool design contractor may help you to install in the backyard of your house. You can choose one design from the available variety of pool designs or suggest your own design. Each design comes up with a specific budget, lot size, local codes and availability of materials.

Pool designs

1)    Architectural pool:

This type of pool design is sophisticated, geometric, architectural and designed by the architects most of the times. This type of the pool is expensive as it requires proper architectural modeling with cohesive surroundings. This type of pool often requires high maintenance costs therefore, architectural pools are usually installed in bungalows and expensive real estates.

2)    Natural pool:

As its name reflects, this pool has natural surroundings such as water garden, green grass, and artificial waterfalls.  Boulders and stones are put on one side of the pool to increase its beauty and elegance. Natural swimming pools are designed in a way to give it the resemblance to a natural pond. Sometimes floral plants are placed around the pool to give it a more natural look. Natural pools are favorite among people who prefer natural and peaceful environment for swimming.

3)    Lap Pool:

The lap pool is often used by professional swimmers and athletes. The lap pool is designed for swimming exercise, therefore, it is built as a narrow and long lane. Length of lap pool is more than 50 feet. Cost of building a lap pool highly depends on the length of pool and material used. As far as surroundings of a Lap pool is concerned, there is not any specific surrounding environment needed for this type of pool.

4)    Infinity pool:

The infinity pool is the most expensive and luxurious type of pool. It contains a short wall on one side that creates an illusion that pool is open from one edge. This type of pool usually costs $70,000 to $80,000 which is extremely higher than regular pools. Infinity pools are installed at world-class real estates, expensive properties, and bungalows.

5)    Recreational pool:

The recreational pool is also known as the family pool is a type of pool built for fun and recreational activities. It includes a waterpark theme consisting of water slides, caves, tunnels, and boulders. As far as the cost of installing a recreational pool is concerned, it is pretty affordable for almost every person. Though installation costs highly depend on the material used and recreational stuff installed in the long island swimming pool contractor.

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